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The amount of companies making the switch to voice over IP (VoIP) for their telephone communications is unavoidable. Yet despite the growing number of VoIP users, there are plenty business owners and employees who have not yet explored all the great features a cloud pbx has to offer. Many users know about things like call recording or other basic features. Most of them have an experience limited to making and taking calls from their IP phone or maybe even the use of a softphone. However, there are so many more features that would make a user’s life easier. So we picked out a few and broke them down for you.

Find Me/Follow Me

 It’s difficult to keep track of where someone might be throughout the day, and important calls are often missed as a result. The find me/follow me feature offered on most VoIP services puts an end to that. The Find me service allows you and your employees to receive calls at any location. The follow me service allows the user to be reached at any of several phone numbers.

Unified Inbox

Plenty of folks are so used to checking voicemail on their phone the traditional way. But it can take long, and be pretty annoying to sit through them all sometimes. With unified inbox, you can view and check all of your voicemails right on your pc. With this feature you can administer your voice, fax, and email communications from a single inbox in your email client. It allows you to receive voicemails in your inbox as MP3 files or even have a text transcription of your voicemail delivered as an email. It also makes faxing easier as you can send and receive faxes as images.

Do not Disturb

You would like to think that most calls are important, but there are times when a user may not want to be interrupted by a barrage of incoming calls—or even one call, for that matter. That’s where the ability to stop incoming calls from ringing any of a user’s connected phones can be a welcomed feature. Rather than simply not picking up the phone when occupied, do not disturb allows the user to direct calls immediately to voicemail, where a transcribed message could be helpful, or the user has the option of forwarding calls to another person who would be able to dedicate time to the caller.

Features are a key factor in choosing a VoIP provider for your business. They can be just as important as cost and security. Having a full feature set and teaching your users how to use those features definitely helps make their day more productive and more effective. At ActivePBX our support staff is always willing to help you or your employees learn more about and how to use all of our great features.

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