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Looking to purchase an IP office phone system? Congratulations! It’s a smart choice that simplifies your communication tools and allows your company to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Provide optimum security for your voice and data networks
  • Grant employees easier access to your network

IP office phone systems also help your organization cut costs:

  • Travel costs are reduced through the use of web and video conferencing
  • Your organization can easily add, move, or change phone connections
  • Long distance and other phone charges are dramatically cut down

There are no extra fees for voicemail, call forwarding or other popular features

Consider This

With simplified service and costs reduction, it’s easy to see why companies are rushing to invest in IP office phone systems. Even if you’ve already established that an IP phone system will save you money and offer great features, it’s worth your while to also consider these three key points before you buy:

  • Does It Allow for Flex Work? Your IP office phone system should allow your employees to make and receive calls from remote locations, as well as from home. Whether it’s due to business travel or bad weather, your staff should be able to communicate, even if they’re not physically in the office.
  • Can It Expand and be Upgraded? You want a system that allows you to add more users, lines, or both without purchasing add-ons over and above what you already have. In addition, look for one that can accommodate upgrades during its lifespan.
  • Does It Integrate with Your Computer Systems? Your business will run more efficiently if you can integrate your IP phone and computer systems. Features such as click to dial and paperless faxing are terrific productivity tools; and if you run a CRM system, having the caller’s details pop up before a call is answered is an amazing time-saver.


An IP office phone system will help you and your employees communicate more efficiently – and save you money. Just remember before buying to consider how your office operates, what features you’ll need to keep operations running smoothly, and which service will best meet those needs.

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