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Business owners are always seeking out ways to help their employees become more productive at work. Some companies develop incentive programs to drive workers to do their best; while others use restrictive policies to keep people on task. But perhaps the best option is to provide workers with the best tools to do their jobs efficiently. One tool that has shown great promise when it comes to helping people work more effectively and efficiently is a strong unified communications system using voice over IP (VoIP).  The features a hosted PBX comes with provide organizations with a robust set of tools that will help get the most out of the resources a business already has in place.

Increased Mobility

Working remote has become quite common for certain jobs. In the past, it was touch for people in these jobs to stay in constant communication with their coworkers back at the office. With a hosted PBX, remote employees have the ability to access the company’s communications system through an app on their mobile device or software on their laptop. Calls can be routed from the phone on their desk to any of these devices with ease, meaning no more missed calls. Using tools such as videoconferencing for collaboration helps bring teams together, even if they’re spread out across the country. Keeping these employees connected through the same system keeps them engaged and helps them feel like part of the team.

Unified Inbox

The Boston Globe reported that two-thirds of Americans have stopped listening to their voicemail. This is mostly due to the fact that it’s become way too time consuming to sit down and listen to each voice message that’s been left since the last time you checked, just to get to the one voicemail that was actually relevant. A hosted PBX provides a helpful solution to this problem, by sending voicemails as mp3 files your e-mail inbox. Not only does this make sorting through messages easier, but it also gives someone the opportunity to glance down at a message when a call is received to see if it’s something that warrants immediate attention.

Less Downtime for Technical Problems

For employees who spend a lot of time on the phone throughout the day, an outage is big trouble. The same can be said if the employee is displaced from his or her office for any period of time, because time away from their phone line means a loss of productivity. With a VoIP solution such as a hosted PBX,  troubleshooting devices is far simpler. Plus, in the event that a user’s phone does go down, they can just use a softphone (software-based phone) installed on the computer or an app on the mobile phone as a replacement while their desk phone is being programmed.

To sum things up, a hosted PBX definitely has plenty of advantages in the workplace. Both large and small organizations have witnessed just how much this type of solution helps reduce costs. And to take it a step further, this solution can also lead to an increase in revenue by creating a more productive workforce.

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