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IT directors have pretty stressful jobs. It’s their responsibility to find the right technological systems and tools for the company they work for. It’s also their job to ensure this technology functions properly at all times and teach users how to operate it. Plus, they’re the first ones to get the call when something goes wrong so they can fix it. Finally, they must constantly consider security, compatibility and cost because if a technology creates risk, doesn’t work well with the existing infrastructure or generates more overhead than it’s worth, IT directors have to make the decision to not use it. However, bringing in a hosted PBX to the business they work with can remove several headaches for an IT director. Pairing a business with a VoIP service provider not only gives that company a great communications solution, it takes weight off of the IT departments shoulders in various ways.

1. Better Manageability

Instead of managing a separate network for voice, video and data, IT directors can merge the three into one network with a hosted PBX. Moreover, they gain access to intuitive management and configuration tools that simplify the task of system administration.

2. Scalability

Adding or removing extensions on a traditional phone system is a lengthy task that involves rewiring. With a VoIP solution, phones are integrated with the company’s computer network, and adding or removing extensions or multiple locations requires nothing more than a few clicks in the administrative portal. A hosted PBX solution can be easily and quickly scaled up or scaled down to meet fluctuating demands, leaving IT professionals with less to worry about.

3. Intuitive and Easy to Learn

Because VoIP is integrated into an organization’s existing systems, employees are more familiar with its functionality from the get-go. VoIP also simplifies many operational components, like placing a call or accessing voicemail, by enabling command of these actions where employees spend the most time — their computers. For IT directors, this means on-boarding and training is much simpler. Which translates into less trips to the office to explain and fix things.

4. Quick & Seamless Installation

With a hosted PBX VoIP solution, IT directors don’t have to worry about installation and set-up of new phones. That service is built into their contracts with the provider, who is most familiar with best practices and capable of completing installation with barely any disruption in business.

6. VoIP Keeps Cost Down

VoIP systems fall under the category of operational expenditure rather than capital expenditure, making them a fully deductible investment. They decrease phone bills by providing less expensive long distance and international calling and, as a hosted solution, will eliminate the amount of time IT directors would otherwise spend maintaining the system.

A hosted PBX is truly one solution with countless benefits. Benefits for not only the business implementing the system, but the IT directors employed by that company. With VoIP, IT directors are relieved of common tech headaches imposed by other, less innovative solutions. And with less time needed to handle phone system issues, they’ll gain more freedom to focus on other responsibilities, creating a win-win situation for them and their company.

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