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The new year is upon us and we all have plenty we want to accomplish in 2015. A new year gives us all the feeling of a fresh start and allows people to set their goals and get after them. Most of us make resolutions to start the year, and most of them are forgotten by February. But this year can be different! Thanks to our friend technology, there’s plenty of apps and tools to help you keep your resolution this year. Keeping a resolution is about forming good habits in your daily life. So we compiled a list of helpful web apps and tools that will put you on the path to accomplishing those 2015 goals!


1. 21 Habit – The concept is simple: You pledge $21 that says you’ll keep up your new habit for 21 days, the time it takes to ingrain it as a habit. Each day you succeed, you get $1 back. Each day you fail, you forfeit $1, which 21habit donates to one of several charities.


2. – This motivational tool uses the “don’t break the chain” method to help build good habits and break bad ones. Each day you complete a task you want to keep up, a visual streak grows. Bonus: There’s also an iPhone app for on-the-go habit-building.



3. Daytum – Whether you would like to tally a day or a year, Daytum helps you collect and visualize the most important statistics in your life—whatever they might be—and create an up-to-the-moment personal dashboard. Also has a companion iOS app!



4. HabitForge – This site is designed around accountability—a proven motivator in creating new habits. There are daily check-ins and progress reports, and a community to encourage you. You can even join or build a team of others working on the same thing as you.


5. Habitgrams – Set simple reminders to be sent through your choice of email or text.



6. stickK – stickK focuses on incentives, accountability and community to help you keep up your habits. Each user creates a unique Commitment Contract to achieve goals within a particular timeframe. If you are unsuccessful, stickK lets your friends know about it. You can also put money on the line for any contract.



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