ActivePBX® is a global provider of cloud-based business phone systems that increases productivity and mobility while reducing telecom expenses. The solution works with your existing Internet connection, which eliminates the need for costly telecom hardware and traditional analog phone services.

ActivePBX is a division of ActiveServe, Inc. Founded in 2002, ActiveServe offers a wide array of solutions for your business continuity needs.

Data Centers

ActivePBX maintains a global presence through strategically positioned data centers in Florida, Utah, the UK, and Singapore. Our data centers are capable of serving US and overseas customers with unprecedented latency of 40ms or less (estimated), and in most cases even achieve 20-30ms. Our Miami data center serves the U.S. east coast as well as Latin America, while the data center in Salt Lake City serves the U.S. west coast. Our UK data center serves our customers doing business in Europe, and our Singapore data center caters to our Asian customer base.



We are dedicated to serving customers across the nation and internationally.  Our four data center locations ensure enhanced audio quality and lightning fast speeds compared to competing solutions, while being located in designated disaster safe zones. The centers are set up to provide redundancy for each other, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to service quality and uptime.