The world is constantly changing.

If you want to keep up with it, you need to work for a company that is leading that change.

At ActivePBX, we are proud to say we are in that position, and we want top notch talent to join our ever expanding team of professionals.

14570779_1295230263834255_5767678031208876535_o-1Naturally, because we expect the best of our employees, we give the best in return. It is our philosophy that cultivating and rewarding talent is the most effective way to make a company strong. That is why we offer competitive compensation packages, a comfortable working environment, and the opportunity to grow within a company that is changing the face of business communications around the globe. The icing on the cake? We have located our newest data center in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

As its global reputation continues to grow, Miami is quickly becoming one of America’s leading centers for international commerce. From Latin America to Europe, Miami is poised to take the lead from other East Coast cities such as New York and Boston. Without a doubt, businesses located in Miami have a very bright future ahead of them. As we like to say, the employees of ActivePBX are basking in the sunlight of a brand new day.

Here are just a few of the reasons you will enjoy working for our Miami based company:

  1. Cost of Living. Miami is a big city with plenty of fabulous housing options to choose from. From North Beach to Park West, you can choose between houses and condos galore. Whether you want a Spanish inspired house in the suburbs, or an art deco home that harkens back to a different era, it’s all on the table for you to select from. While housing prices are beginning to rise, other expenses such as utilities and food remain below the national average.
  2. Excitement around every corner. There is always something going on in Little Havana, Miami Beach, or downtown Miami. Between art festivals, regattas, and more nightlife than you can pack into a lifetime, you will never experience a dull moment living in Miami.
  3. Opportunity. Miami’s star is rising on the international stage. This is attracting new business, and new clients to the city in record numbers. As more businesses move into the area, this will strengthen the economy and provide even greater growth opportunities.
  4. Diversity. Everyone has a cousin in Miami, and those cousins come from around the world. Miami has strong Latin roots and you will find their cultures percolating throughout the city. With over 100 languages commonly spoken in Miami, you are sure to get a dose of culture unlike anywhere else in the world.
  5. The weather. Let’s be honest. The weather’s great and the water is always warm. It doesn’t snow, it hardly rains, and while the wind may blow for a while, it always calms down and lets the sun come right back out. With temperatures in the high 70’s to low 80’s throughout the winter, you’ll enjoy basking in the sun while the rest of the country is bundling up.

If you want to succeed. If you want to be rewarded for your work with extremely competitive compensation packages. If you want to work in a high-tech work environment with other bright, motivated individuals working together as a team…we want you to contact us. We are eager to review your resume and discover the reasons you are ready to become a member of our team.