Cater to your clientele with relevant information at your fingertips – all in a seamless workflow experience. Adding new contacts, taking notes, creating reminder tasks, and even notifying colleagues about an action item becomes a breeze with this user-friendly tool. All calls, whether inbound or outbound, will be logged automatically and accompanied with powerful insight via detailed reports of your team’s performance. Making outbound calls becomes effortless as you can zip through phone numbers on the web or in your contact database with “click-to-call” functionality. You will quickly realize that CRM telephony is an indispensable tool for your sales and customer service teams. 

  • Automatic Call Logging
  • Click to Dial
  • Call Popups
  • Realtime Analytics
  • Create CRM Tasks
  • Create CRM Records
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We pull all of your latest phone calls both inbound and outbound. We also tell who on your team answered the call. So you will know exactly who talked to the customer or lead last and what they talked about.


We pull all of your latest customer emails that are located in your CRM system. You immediately know what the last customer conversation was and you can begin where you left off.


We let you take notes and we additionally display them for you in the activities slider. See what the last note was. Even if it was not a phone call you will be aware of the latest details about the contact.

Featured CRM Platforms

Salesforce ActiveCRM Phone ActivePBX


When you need to CC a team member you can just type in @ and the users name (e.g. @matt). The call notes and call record will get emailed to the team member. This guarantees imperative info still gets in the CRM rather than just being sent in an email to a colleague.

Task Follow-up

We have natural language processing. Type something like “Follow-up next week” and ActiveCRM will create a task in your CRM to remind you to follow up with this person at the specified time!


For both the @mentions and the Task Follow-up features we display a green indicator on the right-hand corner to let you know what processes will fire after the call is over.

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Many More Supported CRMs

  • ActiveCRM is not your typical CTI solution. It boasts an innovative feature set your users will love.
  • All Calls are Logged 100% Automatically. No need to be logged into the CRM or even have your computer on.
  • Add Sales Gamification to your CRM.
  • Click-to-Dial works on any webpage. Your CRM, your inbox, a spreadsheet, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Easy to use Inside Sales interface that doesn’t require any training.
  • Often called a PowerDialer, Auto-Dialer, Progressive Dialer, or Predictive Dialer. We call it a Sales Dialer!
  • Call Centers use Call Popups that appear on every browser tab. This allows users to add notes to calls even when they’re not logged into your CRM!
  • Contact name & account link to the CRM record to quickly pull up all your CRM data.
  • The caller’s previous calls, notes, etc are pulled from the CRM and displayed in the call Popup
  • Call Notes entered in one tab are sync’d to others. Never hunt down the tab you left notes in again. We popup right in the CRM or any tab.
  • Call History for reviewing calls made
  • @mention syntax enables easy sharing of call notes.
  • Popups handle multiple calls (ie. Call Waiting), don’t ever lose a call note
  • SmartRelate – Calls are related to Opportunities/Cases if dialed from one in your CRM
  • If multiple matches, popup displays radio buttons to choose.
  • Gamification awards top performers and makes it fun
  • Popup is minimizable to side of screen from your CRM or any tab
  • Call Metrics you can understand.

Enhances company productivity through simpler outbound calling, superior relationship monitoring, follow-up activity, lead generation, and innovative analytics.

  • Call Popups
  • Click to Dial
  • Automatic Call Logging
  • Real-time Analytics
  • CRM Task Creation
  • CRM Records Creation