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Remote Office. Home Office. On the Go. ActiveDial® Does it All

A favorite of all ActivePBX customers – ActiveDial is a comprehensive customer management and calling tool that simplifies the way your agents make, route, answer, follow up, and work with phone-based business activities. The seamless integration with cloud-based communications allows agents to move seamlessly from desktop to laptop to cell phone and beyond – all while also connecting with various integrated CRM platforms as applicable.

These days, however, ActiveDial also offers the new gold-standard in mobility – seamless transitions and integrated connectivity designed and developed specifically for iPad. ActivePBX has optimized iPad’s existing strengths, including 4G wireless internet connections, exceptional audio and video call clarity, cloud-based back-ups, and other iOS apps. Now, there’s no such thing as being out of range or out of the office. “Always-on” is a promise you can make – and keep – to your clients and customers.

ActiveDial mobile is simple to use and free to install for all existing ActivePBX customers. Once downloaded on a desired device, users simply log-in with their ActivePBX username and password. Setup allows for devices to “remember” sign-in data for rapid log-in with every use.

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Created with iPad users in mind, ActiveDial Mobile offers simplicity, intuitive user-friendly format, and smart conveniences every iPad user can appreciate.

  • Clear touch screen icons for easy navigation
  • Works directly with built-in cellular for 4G LTE iPads – no wifi, no problem!
  • Longer battery life than smartphones
  • Works as a separate, dedicated phone without interfering with laptop/desktop or personal phones
  • Compatible with AirPods and other wireless and bluetooth devices
  • Functions without a headset through native speakerphone use
  • Ample screen space for visually connecting/collaborating with other team members

What’s best of all is that ActiveDial Mobile includes all the key functionalities and activities you’ve come to expect from ActiveDial in the office. Now, it simply goes wherever you need it to go.

  • Contact List 
  • Visual voicemail 
  • Instant messaging/chat
  • SMS texting
  • Call history
  • Answering 
  • Configurable VM greetings
  • And more…

Ready to see more mobility solutions ActivePBX makes possible?

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