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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is the next great frontier for business… and it’s experienced integration teams that are leading the charge. ActivePBX was recently invited by our partner – Brainsell – to attend The User Group’s TUG CONNECTS event in Orlando.

TUG is an amazing community of Infor Distribution software users that network, share solutions, formulate best practices, and come together to learn how to make the most of their systems. Other conference attendees included companies like Infor, IBM, MITS, Phocas, and Honeywell, to name a few.

Brainsell was there to demonstrate the value that experienced consultants and advisors bring to integrating systems with add-on applications and services that allow companies and users to:

  • Get technologies in use faster
  • Eliminate headaches from partial or problematic integrations
  • Improve user adoption rates since systems work fully the first time
  • Explore all the ways integrated systems save them time instead of just a few features


Brainsell specializes in delivering optimized CRM systems that are up and running in weeks, not months, with all the positive impacts on bottom line productivity and success that come along with it… and we were happy to lend our expertise to the discussion as a full-featured CRM-centric cloud telephony provider.

What’s more, our Director of Partner Development, William Jaramillo, was featured at the conference as an “Agent of Change” because of the way we’re rethinking enterprise voice communications. Together, we were able to show leading businesses and brands how CTI can take them from good to great, and how Brainsell is just the team to make it happen.

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