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Today, we are very proud to announce the expansion of our global presence to further support our international and multinational clientele.

The expansion includes adding a UK based data center to further meet the needs of customers with European operations. In addition, we have also added a data center in Singapore to cater to any ActivePBX clients doing business in Asia.

“Creating a worldwide network that allows us to deliver a fully redundant solution to our customers is a key initiative for ActivePBX,” said CEO Alex Gonzalez.

“It allows us to cater to both our overseas clients and our U.S. based customers who are expanding their operations internationally. For them, having a reliable communications network that can scale to accommodate growth is critical.”

Adding these two new locations allows ActivePBX to maintain data centers in four different regions of the world. We now have a data center in the western region of the U.S. based in Salt Lake City, on the East coast in Miami, in Europe and in Asia.

Adding these data centers is imperative to our desire to enhance our DualPBX® platform, which allows users to register phones to the nearest location for improved quality of service. It also allows devices to register to a secondary location, creating a truly geo redundant and seamless system for dealing with fail-overs while avoiding service disruptions.

We want to thank all of our valued customers and partners for supporting us over the years and allowing us to continue to grow.

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