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There are dozens of reasons why your business may need remote office solutions… some of them are easy to plan, others need to be activated in a moments’ notice. This is one of the primary benefits ActivePBX offers as opposed to traditional phone systems.

ActivePBX allows you to always stay connected to your clients and co-workers. We offer multiple cloud-based options for when away from your physical location, so you and your team can work remotely from anywhere, anytime, without investing in expensive physical equipment.

We offer the following options for remote accessibility:

  1. ActiveDial Web (No installation required)
  2. ActiveDial Mobile
  3. ActiveDial Mobile for iPad
  4. ActiveDial Desktop
  5. Physical IP Phone (Polycom, Cisco, etc.)

1. ActiveDial Web:

ActiveDial Web can be used to allow instant access to receive and make calls directly from a desktop, laptop, or tablet using a web browser instead of a physical desktop phone or softphone application. There is no need to install anything on the computer to use this feature.

ActiveDial Web is extremely powerful and easy to use – check team member presence, call history, voicemail, and communicate via chat and SMS text all via your web browser.

2. ActiveDial Mobile:

Developed for iOS and Android mobile devices, our innovative app can make and receive calls on an enabled mobile device without the need for a desktop phone. This allows for a totally seamless communications workflow that travels with employees including contact lists, call history, a full dial pad for quick dialing and our “Cellular Call Back” function, which even allows you to make calls over your native cellular plan.

3. ActiveDial Mobile for iPad:

Created with iPad users in mind, ActiveDial Mobile offers simplicity, intuitive user-friendly format, and smart conveniences every iPad user can appreciate. What’s best of all is that ActiveDial Mobile includes all the key functionalities and activities you’ve come to expect from ActiveDial in the office. Now, it simply goes wherever you need it to go.

4. ActiveDial Desktop:

Make and receive calls right from your desktop computer or laptop without the need for a physical phone, with both Mac and Windows compatibility. ActiveDial® Desktop allows for a totally seamless workflow by having all day-to-day applications running side-by-side, with full dial pad for quick dialing over any broadband Internet connection.

5. Physical IP Phone:

ActivePBX supports all the popular SIP-based hardware phones from popular brands like Polycom, Cisco, and Yealink.

We’re here for all your mobility needs.

Whether you are a new customer in search of answers or an existing client who needs to take advantage of more features of your plan, our expert team is here to help.
If you need assistance, please visit our Help Desk at or call our toll-free
number: 866-330-4678.

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