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The best office phone systems for medium to large businesses are the ones that best optimize productivity in the workplace. They provide the following:

  • Improve overall communication and efficiency.
  • Reduce call processing time.
  • Ensure employees are easily available during working hours.
  • Help provide better customer service.

As telecommunications often make up a substantial portion of an organization’s budget, installing the right office phone system for your business will lower your overall communication costs. A hosted PBX service offers many advantages, especially for medium to larger sized businesses, as it encompasses all the advantages of a traditional PBX phone system, but with none of the headaches.

Of course, finding a reliable hosted PBX provider is important, but it’s important first to identify what office PBX system will work best for your company’s particular needs.

Best PBX Office Phone Systems

To help identify the system that will work best for you, you’ll need to take into consideration your company’s needs, characteristics and budget. For example, a hosted PBX with IP phones offers the highest quality, is scalable and requires a relatively low initial investment and monthly charges, while hosted PBX with desktop or smartphone apps offers an even lower initial investment and monthly charges, with no added wiring or server costs.

Most hosted PBX systems have distinct advantages and features meant to assist your business. Less costly than standard on-site legacy systems, hosted PBX office phone systems offer terrific features such as call waiting, call routing, transfers and on-hold music. The system can be deployed immediately, updates are done with the click of a mouse, and additional lines can be effortlessly added.


Medium and large businesses tend to have a multitude of phone lines and extensions that are all crucial to their business operations. Ultimately, the best hosted PBX system for your business will be the one that provides a reliable connection, seamless integration, and affordability. Best of all, when you find the best office phone system for your business, you’ll find your responsibilities as well as your stress levels reduced, allowing you to focus on what matters most: the bottom line.

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