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The Biz Dev corner is a new video series by our Business Development Director Gianni D’Alerta that touches on various VoIP and IT topics.

Hi my name is Gianni D’Alerta and I am the business development director at Active PBX. I’m taking this opportunity to make these little Vlogs in my car, nice quite spot and kind of convenient to be able to speak my mind. It’s funny on reddit, there’s sub redditt called shower thoughts and I love all of different things that people put there. So I decided that why not use my car as my opportunity to kind of express my ideas about business and marketing.

So today I really wanted to talk about something that I was talking to one of my clients about. She is a brand new dentist basically, a new office setting. And she was kind of trying to find new clients to help her grow her business. And I always think about BNI (Business Network International) and it’s philosophy, specifically about the reform marketing system and in particular their slogan which is Givers Gain. That is a very simple way to be able to get new opportunities in business, I think in life. The Givers Gain philosophy is something that if you put to use is very fulfilling, is very wholesome and is a very positive way of getting new business and cultivating your network.

So how do I use Givers Gain? I have great story when I started BNI, it was an important lesson on how Givers Gain works. So I just learned about reform marketing, this is about 10-15 years ago and it was during one of the hurricanes here in Miami, I went to go visit a client at that time I was doing marketing and design. And I came into an office and it was full of hustle and bustle, a lot of phone calls coming in. They were an insurance suggester, so they had been hit by the hurricane that had just happened (I forgot what the name of it was) and she was just, this lady was just taking calls left and right, it was just nonstop. But I did notice and I basically asked her, “What was your bottom line”, she was getting all these calls but how was she kind of fulfilling what she needs to do. And she basically told me, “Gianni, these calls coming through but I don’t have enough inspectors to go to the sites and kind of verify what I need to verify for the adjustment aspect though and in making the reports and submitting it to the insurance companies.”

So just then and there I was part of the BNI group, one of my co-members was a home inspector not a insurance or suggester type of inspector but a home inspector. So immediately right then and there I picked up the phone and I made a call to him and got him speaking with her and basically he started helping her going onsite and being able to do these inspections. And it resulted from typical home inspections for real estate purposes of being let say a $150 bucks or a $100 buck or whatever, he would get not increase about $300 something dollar for insurance suggesting type of inspections. He later on became an insurance suggester and opened another line, another opportunity in his life because of that introduction that immediate giving and not worrying about “If I was going to gain something from it after that.” I don’t even know if I’ve done business from him in the past, who knows.

You might have referred someone, someone may have given me business because of that situation but I know that, that’s there and it’s mine. I like to call it “Social Capital”, it’s like a little bank that you make little deposits, you know giving, and you know to gain later on possibly from what you’re doing there. I can tell you honestly, I like to give and I like to find opportunities to send stuff to my clients, to my partners, to my family and to my friends, things that are important to them. That little touch of something that I found that may be meaningful to them, and potentially may be something that keeps me in their mind, keeps me relevant to them. And so that when that opportunity arises that they say “Oh somebody needs a phone system” or “you should speak to Gianni he knows about such and such topic or whatever” that I’m there constantly in their mind. And that’s one of the lessons that I’ve learned with Givers Gain, you always give not expecting something in return, and what you gain in return is a potential opportunity for whatever in the future, it could be business, it could be an opportunity to join a group that maybe opens up a door for you, it could be an opportunity to go to a speaking engagement, it could be an opportunity to volunteer and help the community, who knows, people are going to see you as someone that’s constantly thinking of them.

So that’s my minute for today, I’m going to talk about BNI later on, on another episode. I think BNI is one of the best reform marketing or basic marketing groups that anyone can join anywhere in the United States, and you know that you will be in a group of people that are really committed, they’re smart professional people that will get you what you need and you will give them what they need, in this whole idea of Givers Gain.

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