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The Biz Dev corner is a new video series by our Business Development Director Gianni D’Alerta that touches on various VoIP and IT topics.

Good Morning! My name is Gianni D’Alerta and I’m the Business Development Director at ActivePBX. Today is a beautiful day in Miami. Unfortunately, Miami is susceptible to major traffic jams, so I thought what better place to give you guys some insight on our business and other ideas that I have, about business and marketing or what not than to do it in the somewhat quiet atmosphere of my vehicle as I drive to work every morning.

So today I wanted to talk about or dispel the most common myth about VoIP and hosted PBX’s. What if my internet goes out? What will happen if my internet goes out and that’s why I don’t trust VoIP and I don’t trust hosted PBX Solutions because I’m scared that my internet will go out. So how can we help with that?

So basically if you have an internet outage, you can do a couple of different things. So in a very basic way, a phone system like ours has the ability to recognize when phones are unregistered on the server. So meaning unregistered, they are not connecting on our server and in turn basically showing the server that they can’t send the call to it. So our servers and our platform will allow phone calls to be forwarded simultaneously to a cell phone as a back up or another phone for that matter in another location or another office, another IP phone or even better if you install an App either on your desktop or on your smart device like android or iPhone, it’s called a soft phone. There’s a couple of manufacturers out there and software developers that have some great ones. Calls can be sent directly to there. Your callers from the outside would not know otherwise (that they’re calling a cell phone) unless you’re like me driving to work and hear a siren going off or motorcycle going by, there’s really no way that they’re going to know that they’re calling somewhere else, they still think they’re calling directly to your office.

Another thing that can happen is, “what happens if the internet goes out,” you could have redundancy built in to your network, something you could work with your IT technician, your consultant (the IT guy, hopefully not your cousin) or some family members who can do it, sometimes they’re pretty good most of the time: they’re not. They could create or basically set up what’s called a duo WAN router. A Duo WAN router will allow you to take an internet connection, like a Comcast connection or an AT&T U verse connection or fiber connection and create a secondary connection to some other network. Could be Comcast AT&T, it could have be Fiber Comcast, it could be Comcast and Verizon cellular router, a hotspot type thing. We’ve used them in the past and they’re actually very fantastic, I can speak highly on Verizon’s bandwidth, it’s very very fast, and it’s actually very good for VoIP in small situations, situations like that, that you need it as a backup. So that question of, “If the internet goes out?” is really a question, “What would happen in your office if the internet will go out and you don’t have a hosted PBX?”, “What will happen if your power goes out in your office and you don’t have a hosted PBX?”, you’re going to lose calls, you’re not going to gain calls, you’re not gonna be able to do business, sad thing because the redundancies is not in or set up for traditional PBX or traditional phone service to do those things. So that’s basically my information or my suggestions on how to deal with the question of “What happens if the internet goes out”.


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