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If you operate a business or service that makes heavy use of telephones, consider call center hosted VoIP, one of the easiest ways to cut your overhead and stay on top of communication technology that can help you grow your business. VoIP is the acronym for voice over Internet protocol, and it uses high speed Internet access instead of land lines for telephone service. The six top reasons for considering VoIP to lower your overhead expenses and increase productivity include:

  1. Low cost. VoIP lines offer significant savings for telephone service compared to land lines. Almost all standard telephones connect with VoIP systems, so it’s likely you won’t need any new equipment outlays. VoIP telephone systems do not carry the hefty excise fees and taxes that land line providers tack onto your bill and long distance calls within the continental U.S. are free.
  2. Access anywhere. Owners can set up a call center hosted VoIP system anywhere, which has major advantages for a number of reasons, which include allowing employees or contractors to telecommute from home or to centers close to their homes. VoIP systems are not affected by time zone factors that can punish land line users.
  3. Inexpensive features. Land line systems charge for upgraded features, like caller ID, call forwarding, messaging, call waiting, conference calling, or number portability. A VoIP system usually includes these features and possibly more, as part of the subscription cost.
  4. Computer integration. VoIP telephone service providers keep records of calls made and calls received, making it easy for you to track the activity. Because VoIP calls run through a computer, you can also use speech to text applications to review employee performance or evaluate campaigns. These capabilities save the call center money because the data are already available. Once an application to apply them to increase productivity or lower overhead has been developed, integrating them into the business is low cost.
  5. Easy to Service. Should your call center hosted VoIP system go down, the VoIP provider is just a phone call away. Instead of waiting for a telephone company to send a technician to your location, which can take days, the technical support departments at VoIP providers can access your system remotely to get it running again. VoIP providers usually provide technical support services as part of the subscription, with no additional cost to you. VoIP users are usually up and running within minutes, maintaining your productivity.
  6. New Applications. A call center hosted VoIP telephone service adapts quickly to new application development designed to increase the efficiency of a business. The data gathered by VoIP providers can help the clients use the information for things like databases or customer relationship management applications.


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