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In the modern world, face to face human interaction is becoming a thing of the past.  There is no longer a need to drive to an establishment to pay bills or make inquiries anymore.  In most cases, paying online or over the phone are a more convenient option.  Call center phone systems can make it very difficult to have a pleasant over the phone experience if they aren’t used properly.  IVR or Interactive Voice Response, is a phone system that automates over the phone interaction.  When used correctly, call center IVR can cut cost and save time.  However, many call center phone systems are inefficient due to a collection of simple mistakes.  Learn and correct these five common mistakes that call center phone systems frequently make to ensure the best customer service experience.

  • Hours of Operation-  If a caller calls outside of normal business hours, be sure to let them know that the office is closed before they select a ton of options.  There is nothing more annoying than wasted time on a call that will lead to nowhere.  Set your IVR so that a message is set to tell all callers the hours of operation and that you are currently closed.
  • Silence-  After a caller selects the proper department to be directed to, silence while they are waiting can be confusing.  The customer may think they have been disconnected or wonder if the call is in the still in line to be answered.  Music or a prerecorded message are both great ways to fill the empty space of silence while a call is being directed.
  • Repetition- When the automated voice on an IVR systems as a customer for their information, the caller does not want to repeat the same information to an agent.  With many call center phone systems there is a way to effectively store information for agents to use.
  • Too many choices- Try to keep the number of options to choose from to a minimum.  A caller can easily forget what choices there are by the time they reach option four.  Add another menu to one or more options if you still need to divide the options.
  • Make human interaction an option-  Sometimes people just want to talk to another person.  Although the purpose of having an IVR system is to guide a caller to the correct department, some people prefer to skip the middle man and jump right in.

Eliminating the annoyance of common mistakes made at call centers when using IVR will allow your customers to enjoy calling your establishment.  When the customers are happy, employees won’t have to deal with frustration over the phone.  Contact Active PBX for an array of affordable phone systems to choose from for your business.

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