More CRM Data. Less Work.

How many times have you or another member of your team gone to review CRM data and found it less than ideal? Maybe there are incomplete notes. Maybe there are no notes at all. Or perhaps the notes don’t connect to any other actions like follow up calls, service appointments, or satisfaction surveys. You could get tough on your CRM users… or you could make sure you’re getting the data you need on every call with a CRM-friendly phone system.

ActivePBX bridges the gap between your computer systems and CRM software with digital data-rich telephony features that actually improve and enhance the way your CRM works.

  • Automatically log and record calls in full without agent prompting
  • Attach recordings to activity records
  • Combine call activity with CRM activity
  • Organize information by corresponding dates, agents, actions, and more

What kind of difference can a fully integrated CRM with ActivePBX make possible? Some common examples of success stories include:

  • 100% of reps hitting or exceeding activity targets
  • Increases in outbound call volume between 30% and 100%
  • More than 40% improvement in daily call note activity
  • Advances in productivity equivalent to having 100 additional employees over the course of a year
  • 20% to 25% higher conversion rates

You’ve got a lot riding on your CRM. Why not make sure it’s working with all the data you need? That’s what CRM-friendly cloud-based telephony from ActivePBX delivers.

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