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VoIP phones fall into one of two types: desk phones or softphones. Desk phones are tangible devices that sit next to a desktop or laptop in your office. They are similar to analog PSTN phones, but they connect to the IP network of the business instead of a telephone line. Softphones, on the other hand, are applications that can be installed on a PC or a laptop. A softphone comes with dialing pads similar to that of cell phones, and users have to key in the numbers on this dial pad to make calls. There’s also softphone applications for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Our customers sometimes ask us, “which one is right for us?” Which is a great question. Nobody wants to invest money in a product that doesn’t suit their needs better. So we created a quick breakdown of these VoIP phones and the advantages and disadvantages of each.


A softphone is a software program downloaded to your computer or smartphone that lets users send and receive phone calls over your internet collection. Most soft phones are designed to have a user friendly experience and mimic traditional desk phones in appearance. Brands like the Bria Counterpath have a keyboard, call buttons and voicemail available directly through the program.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Softphones are low cost and install very quickly because there isn’t any tangible equipment required.  Users can make and take calls from anywhere with internet access. On the other hand, since your softphone runs off your computer or smartphone, you may also run into trouble if they run out of battery, crash, or you lose internet access. Lastly, if you’re using a softphone downloaded on your computer, you’ll also need a headset in order to listen to and respond to calls.


Desk Phones

Desk phones, or hard phones, have been completely remodeled since the development of VoIP. Take the old idea of what you think traditional desk phone is and throw it out. Desk phones can now operate completely over VoIP.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the more obvious advantages to desk phones is that people are familiar and comfortable with how to use them, for the most part. Many people prefer the act of using this type of phone. Desk Phones also usually provide better call quality. However the main differentiating factor is cost. Desk phones are far more expensive than soft phones. They come in many sizes from several brands. Plus, they can vary in amount of features. Some have less features than a softphone, while others have more.


Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Both softphones and desk phones have their share of pros and cons. Choose the phone that works best for your company’s individual needs.

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