Better CRM Utilization Starts with Better Phone Solution

One of the most common complaints businesses have when it comes to getting the most from their CRM software is that their agents and employees simply do not use the CRM as often or as fully as they should.

As frustrating as this is, when you examine why underuse happens, it usually comes back to the lack of integration between the CRM software and your phone system. But what you may not realize: fully integrated systems can deliver:

  • Instant Visibility
    Your team would instantly know who is calling with an automatic pop-up of past customer data. No more digging, just a better caller experience with less time and effort.
  • Easy Note Taking
    Interactive notifications allow agents to enter notes directly into customer records without manually navigating the CRM.
  • Better Follow-Ups
    Automatic prompts and easy record access makes it simple to add next steps for a seamless customer service or sales experience.
  • Custom Call Dispositions
    Callers are routed to specific agents/departments based on the customer. No more dialing ‘1’ for a directory, just a VIP treatment that feels like having a direct line to the right person or team.
  • Clean, Current CRM Data
    Instead of notes and actions that get forgotten or ignored, on-screen prompts and record access helps keep all information accurate and up to date.

These kinds of integration are some of the greatest efficiency tools Cloud Telephony Integration (CTI) can offer – and they empower your organization to make better decisions and provide superior service. That’s what CRM-friendly cloud telephony makes possible – and its why ActivePBX is much more than a phone system.

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