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Businesses are moving to the cloud for one key benefit – mobility. ActivePBX’s cloud-based platform allows you to always stay connected.

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The more you know, the more you can do. With an abundance of data, you’ll have a 360-degree view to gauge performance and make critical business decisions.

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Discover new ways to communicate and collaborate. As a global pioneer of Unified Communications, we’re all about building Unified Relationships™.

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Communications is the life-line of your business and we strongly believe it should be available 24/7/365.

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Our friendly staff will hold your hand every step of the way to get you started. Once your phone system is up and running, we’ll always be just a phone call away and ready to help.

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Global Reach

ActivePBX’s ever expanding global platform gives you the diversity you need to be competitive on an almost planetary scale.

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Feature Highlights

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard lets you manage your business communications from any computer connected to the Internet. From the dashboard you can view and alter various settings for your system such as your list of services, billing history, and detailed call reports.


DualPBX® is our exclusive cloud-based telephony architecture that enables geographically dispersed redundancy and fail-over by leveraging multiple data center locations. This feature gives your business communications the ultimate support and back-up system.

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HD voice

HD voice is a technology that delivers at least twice the sound as compared to a typical voice phone call delivered on a landline through the world’s analog circuit-switched phone network. It allows for better comprehension and clarity, especially in long detailed and/or technical discussions.

HD Video Conferencing

A select range of our phones come with HD video conferencing capability, allowing for remote employees to easily communicate face-to-face with those back at the office. This feature also eliminates the need to download or use any additional software like Skype when you want to make a video call.


Presence gives you a strategic view of the phone status of your coworkers and/or employees. From your desk phone or our web portal you can see who’s available, already on a call, holding or getting a call. Admins can monitor calls for occupied team members for greater agility in call handling.

Call Continuity

If your area experiences a power outage or your internet connection goes down, you risk your business communications being compromised. Call Continuity eliminates this risk by recognizing when the primary number is unreachable and rerouting your calls to a backup number of your choice.

Call Recording

With our Call Recording feature you can record and save your VoIP calls and conversations. Recorded calls allow management to evaluate employees and bring changes if necessary. Recorded calls from experienced employees can be useful during the training of new hires.

Call Monitoring

With Call Monitoring, you have the ability to listen in on an ongoing call between one of your employees and a customer. In addition, this feature allows you to speak to the employee while on the call without the customer hearing you. Finally, the “barge” option of this feature lets you come into the call.

Cell Phone Integration

Mobility is an important part of doing business. Our ActiveDial cell phone integration feature gives your business the ability to operate PBX functionality from their mobile device. This means calls can be transferred back to other extensions, which makes connection between employees who may be in different locations simple and easy.

Custom Call Tagging

With custom tagging you can easily recognize the source of incoming calls by adding a unique tag to each published phone number. This allows your business to distinguish incoming calls for specific departments, companies, functions, etc. With custom tagging you can ensure calls are answered with the appropriate response.

Virtual Receptionist

Imagine a receptionist you don’t have to pay and never takes a vacation. With the virtual receptionist feature you can greet your customers and offer them a range of options to ensure they are routed to the extension or department they are trying to reach.

Weekend / Night Mode

This feature makes the scheduling of your phone system easier. It allows you to set up custom alternative greetings for when customers call after a certain time of the day, or on weekends. You can also set it to forward to a specific number based on the hour/day.

Conference Bridge

With our conference bridge feature, you can easily set up conference calls without having to plan ahead or use a third-party provider. This feature offers a dedicated number to call in and is password protected. With conference bridge, no one is ever out of reach.

Find Me / Follow Me

With our find me/ follow me feature you control how incoming calls are routed/ forwarded for individuals or groups of inbound callers. The Find me service allows you and your employees to receive calls at any location. The follow me service allows the user to be reached at any of several phone numbers.

Unified Inbox

With this feature you can administer your voice, fax, and email communications from a single inbox in your email client. It allows you to receive voicemails in your inbox as MP3 files or even have a text transcription of your voicemail delivered as an email. It also makes faxing easier as you can send and receive faxes as images.

Call Reports

Use call logs to view the direction of a call to a customer or call activity from a customer. Custom reports give you the ability to view information about average number of calls, average call duration, peak times, and more. You can also see detailed reports that display the source and/or destination of calls for specific extensions.

Paperless Faxing

This feature works by allowing you and your employees to receive faxes to a designated email address. This web-based service is more reliable than traditional fax service. Send and receive faxes from your email client as PDF documents or TIFF images and never worry about wasting paper on faxes again.

Full Feature List

Standard Features

  • Multiple Extensions
  • Multiple Phones per Extension
  • Softphone Support
  • Unified Inbox (Voicemail/Fax/Email)
  • Multi-Level IVR Auto Attendants
  • Admin and User Web Portal
  • Music On Hold
  • Schedule Based Routing
  • Ring Groups
  • Hunt Lists (lists of ring groups)
  • Add/Remove Agents from Queues
  • Click-to-Call from Web Control Panel
  • Call Screening
  • Call Recording*

Attendant Console

Available in our PRO + ENT Plans

  • Real-time Extension Monitoring
  • Transfer to Extension or Park
  • Call Pickup
  • Phonebook


  • Conference Rooms
  • Both Fixed and Dynamic Rooms
  • Personal Conferences
  • Real-time Conference Management

Media FIles Management

  • Music-on-Hold Web Management
  • Click-to-Call Recording of Greetings


  • Company Directory
  • Enhanced Directory
  • Personal Contact Lists


  • CDR (Call Detail Records)
  • Call Center Stats**

Convenience Features

  • Bulk Generation of User Extensions
  • Automatic DID Routing
  • Phones Auto Provisioning
  • Popular Phone Templates

ActiveCRM **

Available in our PRO + ENT Plans

  • Click to Dial on all Chrome pages
  • Caller info pops on Inbound Calls
  • Caller Info pops on Outbound Calls
  • Activity History Shown in the Popup
  • Automatic Call Logging to CRM
  • Create New Records on No Match Found
  • Add New Number to Existing Contact
  • Call Analytics Dashboard
  • Gamification of Call Activity
  • Easy Task Creation with Natural Language
  • Send Wrap up Emails to Colleagues using @mention
  • Email Template Integration
  • Assign Follow up Tasks to Team Members
  • Support for Team Based Analytics
  • Relate Calls to Opportunities, Cases and Tickets
  • Create New Opportunities, Cases and Tickets
  • Match and Create on Custom CRM Modules
  • Custom Field Data in Popup
  • Ability to update Lead Status on Call
  • Set Call Dispositions

Call Center Features**

Available in our ENT Plan

  • Barge
  • Listen (Spy)
  • Whisper (Coach)
  • ACD Call Queues
  • Orderly Queue Handling
  • Local and Remote Agents
  • Pause/Unpause Agents
  • Set Agent Status (online or offline)
  • Stats Grid CW Callers Waiting , AWT Average Wait Time , AHT Average Handling Time , ABN Abandon Rate , CA Calls Answered , CV Call Volume
  • Queue Report with 18 data points
  • Agent Report with 16 data points
  • Agent Availability Report with 11 data points
  • Dialed Number Report with 18 data points
  • Abandoned Call Reports
  • Individual Agent Stats
  • Call Queue Recording*

Fax Features

  • Fax to Email (PDF)
  • PDF/TIFF to Fax via Web
  • Fax Delivery Confirmation

SMS Features**

Available in our PRO + ENT Plans

  • SMS to Email
  • Email to SMS

End User Features

  • Find Me / Follow Me
  • Voicemail Configuration
  • Access to Voicemail Messages
  • Access to Call Recordings
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Call Screening Based on Caller ID
  • Call Forward on Busy
  • Call Forward on No Answer
  • Do Not Disturb
  • One Touch Call Recording*
  • Directory with Click-to-Call
  • CDRs with Click-to-Call
  • Language Selection

Voicemail Features

  • Voicemail to Email Forwarding
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Multiple Mailboxes
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Multiple Voicemail Folders
  • Visual Voicemail via Web

Call Features

  • Call Flip (Transfer to Mobile)
  • Custom Tag (Caller ID Prepend)
  • Attended Transfer
  • Blind Transfer
  • Call Parking and Retrieval
  • Virtual Extensions (pure forwarding)
  • Feature Dial Codes

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* Recorded calls stored for up to 30 days free of charge. Additional storage fees apply for archiving beyond 30 days.
** Available in our Pro and/or Enterprise packages.