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If you’re ready to make the transition from a break-fix model to a managed services one, you’ll need a well-thought-out strategy to help your customers transition with you. From understanding your target audience to implementing essential automation, there are specific steps you can take. The payoff for implementing an MSP model? A higher level of service and increased sales opportunities, as well as the opportunity to provide your customers with 24-hour monitoring, management, and problem resolution support. Not to mention a more predictable revenue stream.

Best Strategy: Have a Strategy

Today’s businesses can’t afford the risk and uncertainty of relying on the break-fix model. Unfortunately, many customers are still quite comfortable with it, taking care of problems as they crop up. It’s your job to demonstrate to your customers that an MSP model lets them avoid IT disruption, saving them time and money. Here are four steps to help you make the change from a break-fix to an MSP model.

  1. Goal Establishment. Identify, document, and develop a strategy that sets out clear and measurable goals. This ensures that what you bring to your customers is a service plan that embraces best practices and delivers consistent IT maintenance support.
  2. Choose the Right Tools. Determine the specific services you want to provide. If you’ve already developed a niche that you work within, that may help in your decision-making process. This way, you offer your customers the right tools up front that allow them to empower their own end users.
  3. Educate Your Customers. Make sure your customers fully understand the managed service concept and how it will benefit them. Point out notable issues that would be routinely maintained as part of a proactive MSP plan.
  4. Ensure You Can Deliver. You need to know that you’ll have adequate vendor tech support. While good technology is essential, it’s not enough. You need to know the support is there.

Done right, your transition from the break-fix to MSP model will both build a constant cost basis for your customers, and offer you a consistent revenue stream, improved time management, and an opportunity for sustained growth.

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