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There’s a long list of benefits that come with switching your business from traditional phone systems to VoIP services. Most folks will immediately think of the reduced IT costs and the ways the system improves teamwork. Business owners will also boast about how the switch to VoIP makes their employees more efficient as well. However, one overlooked benefit is the fact that VoIP services are environmentally friendly. In a world where everyone is “going green,” switching to VoIP could be your company’s contribution.

Less Paper Wasted Thanks To E-Faxing

Let’s start with the most obvious. There are plenty of uses for VoIP outside of phone conversations, and faxing is one of them. By making use of e-faxing, your business can greatly reduce paper waste in the office. Instead of having to make a hard copy of every document that needs faxing, you can simply send the document via e-fax. Recipients will still get the hard copy they want, but you won’t contribute to any paper waste on your end.

Less Power Necessary To Run a Phone System

Business telephony systems vary immensely from the landline you may have installed at your home. In reality, phone systems at businesses can require a great deal of energy to function. This means higher utility bills and more fossil fuels burned to provide the energy necessary to keep everything running. This can put a serious strain on the environment. With VoIP services, however, the expended energy is minimal. This is because the only energy necessary to run the system is simply that which is provided to keep Internet service at the company. Since Internet access is essentially mandatory, integrating the phone system into it is a great way to ensure more energy isn’t used than necessary.

Reduced Carbon Emissions Through Telecommuting

One of the main benefits of VoIP services is the fact that employers can allow their workers to telecommute. The fact that employees can work from home directly contributes to a reduction in carbon emissions. Every worker who does their job from home is a worker who doesn’t have to make a daily round trip commute to the office. Depending on how many workers can get their jobs done from home, this could have a substantial impact.

Fewer Chemicals Released Into the Environment

Another huge issue that comes along with the installation of new legacy systems are the miles of wiring that must be placed underground for the lines to function properly. These wires aren’t always coated in the most environmentally-friendly substances. This can result in the release of dangerous chemicals into the ground. If you avoid doing this every time a system becomes outdated, you’ll be helping to save the planet.

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