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A cloud based PBX offers a variety of features and improvements over old school traditional phone systems. There’s the ability to access voicemails and faxes from your e-mail inbox, the power to make/take calls from a desktop or mobile device, and more. In its cloud form, VoIP can also be a disaster-resilient system for keeping your business connected and during an outage or emergency. But for business owners the best thing a cloud based PBX brings to the table is the money saving factor. Check out these ways VoIP saves your company money.

Flexible Pricing

If you’re considering a cloud based PBX option, you will find the model attractive because it allows you to scale your implementation up or down as needed. If your company enters a time where growth is happening rapidly, scaling your VoIP services up can be done easily without having to invest in expensive hardware. You can also limit your implementation (and your costs) and scale down when necessary. That way, you can keep expenses predictable as you begin to explore what the new VoIP system can do for you.

Cheaper Business Calls

If you have multiple office locations or a portion of your employees are working remote, you already know that the cost of supporting their calling needs can be a burden. A hosted PBX can cut costs in this area as well. Since all calls -regardless of the location from which they’re placed— are considered VoIP data transmissions instead of appearing as charges on a traditional phone bill. Now remote employees can call their clients, or their coworkers back at the office without having to worry about hiking up the phone bill.

Better International Calling

If your business involves international travel, you’re likely painfully aware that the cost of providing overseas mobile connectivity can be extremely high—even crippling. Just as you can use VoIP to lower the costs of internal business calling domestically, you can leverage it to provide cheap international calling. If your employees have access to secure local Wi-Fi while abroad, they can place VoIP calls via softphone or a mobile app to colleagues back home without paying hefty, prohibitive roaming fees.

Less Administration Overhead

If you’re still running an old-fashioned, non-VoIP phone system, you may still have to pay a provider for the privilege of installing each additional phone or line you would like to have in your office. Even if you don’t, you may find that your IT staff have to sink a considerable amount of time into maintaining and administering the phone system, its backups, and its disaster recovery systems. With the switch to VoIP, you will find that your IT team can perform its duties with greater ease in less time, freeing them to focus on strategic initiatives of importance to the company.

So, there you have it: Not only does a cloud based PBX make your business communications more efficient, it save you money in multiple ways as well. If you’ve been considering making the switch to VoIP, now is the time.

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