All business share the common goal of having the competitive edge. Today, it’s impossible to compete if your business still relies on spreadsheets, addresses books, business cards, or even old school Rolodexes to keep track of customers, vendors, and business performance. Salesforce CRM, with its impressive scalability, can be easily tailored to fit the needs of your business and, more importantly, foster growth.

Salesforce Spurs Business Growth

Salesforce CRM increases overall productivity, helping everyone at your company work faster and smarter. When valuable time isn’t taken up by busywork, it can be spent on prospects and customers. People become more productive through:

  • Simple customization.
  • Centralized information that’s easy to find.
  • Automatic updates that keep them informed on the people, documents, tasks, and details that matter most.
  • Easy integration with other applications.

The innovative software also helps you develop more business – and get the most from your marketing dollars – by using it to meet your customers where they are: online. It allows you to automatically capture leads as people find your website and fill out your online forms. Gathered leads can then immediately be forward to the right people for follow-up. Better leads are generated by:

  • Setting up reminders so leads don’t fall through the cracks, key meetings are attended, tasks are completed, and deadlines are met.
  • Helping people find you by making sure your website ranks high in search results.
  • Using your website to inform people about your products and services. You can also turn your site into an automated lead capture machine by creating forms that capture lead information.

Finally, Salesforce CRM allows you to manage your sales cycle by tracking deals from lead to close. It also lets you create detailed reports so you always know where your business stands. Not only can you watch how deals move through the funnel, you can also track all customer interactions. This both saves time and helps you evaluate which approaches work best to close deals.

If your business wants to boost its capabilities and competencies to the next level, Salesforce CRM is a reliable solution.

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