Better Insights Lead to Better Performance

Your CRM can do a lot of things: organize contact information, simplify scheduling, and streamline workflow. Unfortunately, it can’t tell you which employees are the most effective, the most efficient, or the most preferred by customers… unless you give it the power to do so with an integrated CRM-friendly phone system.

Now, you no longer have to rely only on the data entered by employees – you can review valuable data that the integrated CRM & Phone system collect on its own.

  • Improve your number of first-call resolutions
    Because the entire caller history can be brought up instantly, agents spend more time finding solutions and less time searching for details.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with insight into any agent’s actions, over any period of time
    Advanced analytics can track average time on call, closing or resolution performance, number of repeat calls/call-backs for the same issue, overall productivity, and more.
  • Identify opportunities to improve agent knowledge, training, or performance benchmarks
    Aggregate data based on actions like “follow up with more information” or referrals/requests for supervisors, or even calls with “overtime” duration.
  • Shorten your sales cycles through increased efficiencies
    No need to reacquire information for billing or closing the sale. If it’s already in the system agents can access it instantly, without logging in, and take advantage of knowing which customers are ready to buy.

If that sounds like not-your-typical phone system, that’s because it isn’t. ActivePBX was made for the computer age, not the land-line age, which means it has more robust features for better sorting data into usable formats… especially CRM systems. It may sound complicated, but ActivePBX was actually built for exactly this kind of usage, which means integration happens quickly. In just a few weeks your CRM can start doing more and your team can really get down to business.

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