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All over the world, people are leveraging the tremendous power, convenience, and functionality of Microsoft Teams. But did you know that ActivePBX now integrates seamlessly with Teams to provide you with even more connectivity and benefits for your business communications? 

For example:

  • Make and receive calls within the Microsoft Teams app on any of your devices: desktop, smartphone, or tablet – eliminating the need for physical phone hardware
  • Have all of your communications in one place: instant messaging, meetings, collaboration, and now phone calls made via the ActivePBX network
  • Integrated presence seamlessly shows your “busy status” in Teams when in a meeting or on a phone call 
  • Trigger CRM call pops for calls made from within Teams to quickly identify leads and contacts during phone calls
  • Automatically log phone calls made from within Teams into your PBX call history and integrated CRM
  • Contact center supervisors can listen, whisper, and barge for quality assurance and training purposes
  • Automatically record phone calls which can later be accessed from your ActivePBX dashboard or integrated CRM
  • Seamless connection to Outlook, Sharepoint, OneDrive, and other Microsoft products

Like all ActivePBX integrations, this one doesn’t require additional hardware to set up and it allows users to work almost entirely within Teams to streamline tasks, assignments, and communications. 

With so many professionals working from home or working remotely these days, Microsoft Teams has become a preferred platform for assignments, collaboration, and more. Its ability to function as a project management system as well as a central hub for virtual meetings, chats, and document sharing helps boost productivity and performance for all employees. 

If you are an existing ActivePBX client, or thinking about becoming one, and want to learn more about the ActivePBX and Microsoft Teams integration schedule a time to talk with us:

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