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Moving is a hassle. We all know it. We’ve all moved from one home to another at some point and understand how hectic things can be for the transitional period. Moving your business to a new location comes with similar headaches. However, thanks to technology (like a cloud based PBX) some factors are made very easy these days.

Whether they’re moving on, out, or up, many business owners and their employees find that some of the worst disruption of moving often comes from the challenge of keeping up communications with the outside world during the move. However, some businesses don’t have to worry about this at all. In fact, with the right business phone system in place, business owners have one less headache all together when moving. Interested? We thought so.

See, when your business has a hosted PBX in place your communications are not disrupted at all during the moving process. Not only that, but actually setting up your system at your new location is also way easier compared to a traditional phone system.  Thanks to features like Call Continuity and Find Me/Follow Me that allow you to forward calls to mobile devices there’s no interruption of your voice, fax, chat or contact center communications. This way you can still make and take calls from customers or clients during the transition to your new office.

Once your new space is ready for you and your team to come in and start working, setting up your communications is simple and quick. As long as your new location has equal or similar internet speeds, you only have 2 things to worry about when setting up your phone system at the new office. The first is updating your E911 address form. This is done with one quick phone call to your VoIP provider so they may update the address paramedics will arrive at if you should ever have to dial 911 at your office. The second is unpacking your phones and plugging them in. Wait… It can’t be that simple can it? Yes, it really is. You’re phones will be just the way they were at your previous location. Schedules, extensions, and everything else remain intact. If only every other part of moving was so simple…

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