Automate and Streamline Your Business Processes

Keeping up with everyone’s potential leads in your business can be tough. Plus, it’s harder once your organization grows and more opportunities manifest. While putting processes in place can help your company run smoother, adding a CRM will help you streamline your organization and become more efficient. Here’s why you should implement a CRM strategy.

Client and Prospect Database

A CRM will allow you to capture your client’s information and potential prospects. Understanding who your customers are and what they purchase are essential to any business. Furthermore, once the information is captured, you can segment clients based on different facets such as revenue, products, and even location.

Customer Service

To better service your customers, a CRM can help track information across many different departments and personnel. For instance, if a client calls for a repair, a customer service agent can record the issue. Once a service tech receives the information, they too can enter their findings into the client record, as well has have complete visibility on past issues that client may have had in the past. Communication is essential when it comes to servicing your clients.

Potential Sales

While tracking clients after purchases remain valuable, so is a creating a sales pipeline. A sales pipeline allows businesses to track sales leads from inception to closing. Plus, it highlights where potential sales are within the pipeline. For instance, if you have a four-step process of qualifying, submitting a quote, negotiation, and then closing the sale, you can start to forecast accurately. This is extremely beneficial to companies who need to order supplies, fabricate parts, or increase labor to manufacturer or service clients.

Marketing Possibilities

Each product or service has a life-cycle. Once a product is purchased, the potential for service or additional sales remain. This information is valuable and with the right CRM, a marketing team can target potential clients for aftermarket service or products. Once the information is gathered, marketing can send literature, email blast, or even offer discounts to clients and prospects. Campaigns can be set-up automatically to help promote the next step in your overall customer strategy.

If you need guidance, ActivePBX is only a phone call or an email away, we work with a number of CRM consulting partners that can help you implement or improve your current contact database strategy.

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