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ActivePBX is the latest technology for business phone solutions.  There are numerous benefits in choosing this platform for your company.

Save cash
Improve your bottom line with this new technology

  • all inclusive flat monthly fee
  • no long distance fees
  • cloud based platform with no maintenance fees

Management Benefits
Manage your business easily and efficiently

  • Active operator panel (real-time switchboard)
  • Customer Relationship Management features
  • Maintain contact with staff easily and effectively

Improve Customer Service
Improve your customer service with greater flexibility

  • Mobile device integration allows you to make and receive calls on the go as if you were in the office
  • Make free intra-office calls from around the globe
  • Transfer calls from your mobile with a click

Why Choose a Hosted PBX?
These business phone solutions will increase your profitability and visibility by using the latest technology.  You do not need to waste waiting by the phone. You can redirect calls while out and about with a click or monitor the workings of the office from your smart phone or tablet. In today’s environment mobility is the key. You could downsize your office and cut back on overhead while maintaining a “big business” presence.

What features are offered?
ActivePBX offers an all-inclusive package for only $149 per month:

  • 10 extensions
  • 4 unlimited phone lines
  • 4 local phone numbers
  • 1 toll free number
  • Fax/Voicemail to email

Other benefits from using this technology for your business include:

  • Real-time extension monitoring
  • Click-to-call
  • Listen and whisper
  • ACD Call Queues
  • Flip your call from base to mobile
  • Custom ID tag
  • Visual voicemail via the web
  • A range of phones to choose from
  • A range of call forwarding options
  • Free call recording for up to seven days
  • Caller ID blocking
  • Dial international using inexpensive VoIP

Improve your return and profitability through cloud-based IP phones that give you outstanding features.  You can be out of the office and appear as though you are there, manage all the calls and employees with a click from anywhere in the world, take your office out and about with you, and even transfer or forward calls automatically based on pre-determined criteria.

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