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Outsource Your VoIP Infrastructure and Reap the Savings

Outsourcing your VOIP infrastructure is an excellent way to save money and maximize your company’s productivity. Outsourcing gives you more time for other important tasks like finding new business clients or working on marketing strategies. You can avoid the expense and often tedious job of having to train relevant support staff as well as avoiding the need for a technology support department in your company. When you outsource to third party organizations, it eliminates the necessity of network setup and maintenance including VOIP hardware as well as VOIP traffic monitoring.  By treating your telephony infrastructure as a separate aspect of your business, you will not only save money but also improve the efficiency of your business itself, creating a better and more productive working environment for employees.

Why Not?

More and more companies have begun outsourcing their VoIP infrastructure to third party companies, the simple reason being that there are very few disadvantages. Your business continues to own the phones, equipment and hardware while the company of your choice actively manages, maintains and monitors these devices. It is simply a matter of paying a low monthly or annual fee. If you don’t have already have a technical team on hand, outsourcing is definitely a cheaper and effective option

The Real Savings

When companies suffer communication down times it can often be very costly. The resources you have at hand may likely not sufficient for deployment immediately after a problem has occurred. By outsourcing this component of your organization and setting it aside completely, you have already given special treatment for it, which is neither expensive nor inadequate. In this way outsourcing to expert service providers over a lengthy period of time can indirectly save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars!

With the seemingly never ending downturn, if your company is short on cash, moving to a VoIP solution is an ideal way to save money. The costs for changing and the overall fees are comparatively very low and require much less up-front expenditure on equipment and technical labor.


With outsourcing, many organizations can move to VoIP sooner than purchasing and implementing their own solution. Not only this, but problems with your telecommunication systems are dealt with faster and more efficiently than if you were to attempt to resolve the problem yourself.

Third Party Companies

There are a large amount of companies available to outsource your VoIP infrastructure to. Though you may not initially think it, you will actually find that by doing this a significant relationship has developed between the company and the outsourcer. Since the contact center controls your telephony system including call routing, management, logs and reporting, it actually bears a great deal of responsibility for planning and service delivery to customers and clientele. It will take a lot of the burden off the core company and its employees.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing your VoIP infrastructure is without a doubt a viable way of saving money. Installation, maintenance and upgrading of equipment and software is all taken care of in one go. The majority of telephony support calls are resolved by locally based technicians then and there, reducing the time you would have taken to find, understand and eliminate the problem by yourself.

Yet not everything is about money! If the company’s services are geared towards quality and not quantity, outsourcing your VoIP is still an extremely valuable method of ensuring this goal. You will be forewarned of any potential problems, breaches taking a vast amount of your mind and allowing you to focus solely on the core team and the work they are doing.

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