Partners Need More than Just GREAT Residuals

Your reputation is priceless, and you need the right partner to succeed.

We have over 14 years of experience working with valued partners to identify and implement innovative solutions for successful businesses worldwide. With a deep network of professionals and our passionate team to back them up, we’ve perfected the art of building unified relationships.

Get started today earning monthly evergreen residuals with a team that supports you every step of the way. We make offering unified communications products and services a breeze.
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Do you have a great business opportunity? We love helping companies solve their communications needs. Let us quote, close and setup on your behalf, it’s that easy.
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Looking for great partners!

ActivePBX invites you to join our partner program and add our cloud-based unified communications to your product portfolio.

Upfront and Residual Payouts

Create a new upfront and ongoing revenue stream by signing up clients with ActivePBX. You’ll get paid a significant upfront payout for the sale and then an ongoing residual payout every month for the life of the account.

Discounted Partner / Demo Accounts

As an ActivePBX Channel Partner, you are eligible for discounts as high as 50% for a fully functional Cloud PBX account which can be used to run your business and perform live demos for potential customers.

MSP Targeted Distribution Strategy

Our growth strategy is focused on working with Managed Service Providers and IT Consultants who act as channel partners (or agents) for ActivePBX. Rather than a traditional direct sales strategy, we cater to our partners by giving you access to a dedicated channel partner manager, sales engineer, and on-boarding specialist to make the whole on-boarding process smooth and painless for all of your clients and prospects.

Seasoned Industry IT Professionals

Our company is owned and operated by “techies” with years of experience in the Internet and cloud industry. Rather than a greedy investor driven business model, we are passionate about what we do and have a clear understanding of you and your clients’ telecom needs.

Fully Compliant with all Federal, State, and Local Regulations

Avoid all the red tape as ActivePBX works closely with compliance professionals, tax accountants, and a legal team to be up to date with federal, state, local regulations, and tax obligations for all telecommunication services provided.

Same-day Account Provisioning

With our automated back-end systems, we can provision new Cloud PBX accounts within the same day (usually within minutes). With our highly scalable platform, there’s no need to deal with activation delays. Our team is ready to turn up services on-demand.

Dedicated On-boarding Specialists

We take pride in our highly refined on-boarding process where our friendly team of on-boarding specialists will hold you and your clients’ hands all the way through to completion. This pro-active approach eliminates about 90% of post on-boarding support inquiries or issues. We believe in getting it right – the first time!

No Sales or Volume Quotas

Unlike other partner programs, we do not require reaching a sales quota or volume commitment to start getting paid. You get paid on the first account you bring to the table that closes.

BYOB/BYOD (Bring your own bandwidth/Bring your own device)

Are you already working with an Internet provider for bandwidth? Already using your own routers and IP phones? No problem! Our generic SIP platform allows us to work with essentially any broadband Internet connection, network configuration, and pretty much any IP phone brand and model on the market.

Value Added Services: ActiveUC, ActiveDial, ActiveCRM, ActiveConference, and more…

We offer a broad suite of Unified Communication products and services to drive value to your clients, and most importantly, increase recurring revenue – leading to higher payouts to you!

Global Data Center Footprint

ActivePBX’s global data center footprint allows us to service virtually any region in the world with the highest quality of service. Additionally, we can leverage our DualPBX mesh-network technology for redundancy and active/active failover capabilities. Your business phone system is the lifeline of your business, and we believe it should be available 24/7/365!

Real-time Tracking and Reporting of Payouts

Our proprietary revenue and payout tracking system works seamlessly with our real-time billing platform to make sure you get paid correctly and on time even if your client upgrades or downgrades. No need to be hounding to get paid as we believe in you receiving your hard-earned payouts on time, every time.

Intuitive Online Partner Portal

To make things even sweeter, you’ll have access to an intuitive online partner portal which will give you access to see all of the accounts associated with you.  Historical payouts, pending payouts, amounts paid to date, as well as a repository of valuable sales and marketing tools to keep you up to date with our latest offerings.