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When you’re faced with a financial challenge, your solutions have always been limited to raising the price, selling more, or lowering costs. If you take the time to integrate a better CRM (customer relationship management) process and phone system, you can sell more and lower the cost of operations.

“The goal is to give your customers an easy way to get in touch with you and provide the best services,” says the Zoho User Guide. “Not to mention, a good PBX system is of great help to the sales reps as well.”

The Zoho PhoneBridge feature connects the PBX system and the CRM system to give you a feature that not only holds all the important information – leads and customer data – but also manages incoming and outgoing calls. The system identifies the caller and connects to the customer’s record, and you’ll get a view of their purchasing history, emails, and notes. It also reminds you of calls that are scheduled.

Benefits of Zoho CRM and PhoneBridge

  • Your caller is identified – you have important information available before the call.
  • Never miss a call opportunity! Reminders can be set to keep you on track.
  • You can make notes during or after the call; the details will be preserved for later.
  • With the “business card view,” you’ll get a quick glimpse of your caller’s basic business essentials. Rather than “Hello,” you can say, “Hi! Is this Robert? Good to hear from you!”

Go Global

In today’s business environment, small-town stores have a global presence, and they have support pieces in place to maximize efficiency and profits. Why should your company and your clients have less?

With a cloud-based, ActivePBX phone system, you can easily connect your office and remote/mobile employees under one phone system. This affordable system is completely online; we manage it, and you use it. The functionality is available to your team without complicated hardware, frustrating down time during installation, or the need for re-training end users to a technologically challenging system.

Call (866) 330-4678 or contact us to learn more.

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