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There is no doubt that opening a retail business in today’s competitive marketplace can be challenging.

Retail businesses are under assault from every angle, whether it be from online shopping sites, foreign competitors or big box stores with large, entrenched customer bases. However, that’s not to say opening a retail business is a silly idea…not at all.

Many retail stores are thriving thanks to their ability to interact with their customers on a personal level. To help with this, many companies are looking toward technology.

A hosted VoIP system can be an integral part of your plan to provide outstanding customer service, while at the same time, helping to lower your operating costs and make your business run more efficiently (all extremely important issues for today’s retailers).

The first thing to understand is that a hosted system requires no telecommunications infrastructure on your part. The entire system resides on your provider’s servers, meaning no burden on your IT staff, no worries about upkeep, maintenance or backups. Your phone system simply works. Your ability to communicate with your customers is assured.

Better yet, a hosted VoIP system allows your business to provide all of the same functionality that was only available to large companies up until only a few years ago.

Your business, no matter the size, will be able to:

Customize Your System to Your Particular Needs

VoIP technology allows you to create a complete suite of services designed to meet the needs of your business and your customers. Would you like to be able to video conference with your employees in other office locations? No problem! Would you like different ring tones for different vendors? Very simple to do!

Deploy the Same System Across Multiple Sites

It doesn’t matter if you have a single location or many; your system remains the same. As the system is cloud based, you may have some employees in a warehouse, some at home and some on the retail floor all in constant communication.

Allow Your Employees Unparalleled Mobility

With a hosted system, physical location becomes much less of an issue. An employee with a Point of Sale application on his or her iPad can become a mobile cash register, delighting customers by being able to check them out from any location in the store and saving them a wait in line.

Employees that move between many locations can set up their calls to find them—first ringing their office, then cell phone, then home phone and so on. This allows the employee the freedom to move around while still being connected.

Have Complete Scalability

As your business needs change, you will be able to add users, add or delete services and take advantage of the latest advances in technology. All of this can be done by logging into your account, rather than having to schedule appointments with reps and wait for service technicians.

Measure Real Metrics

With a hosted VoIP system you will be able to take a serious look at your customer’s calling trends via easy to understand reports. Custom reports can be generated on the fly, analyzing call volume, time spent on individual calls, hang-ups, etc. All vital bits of information that can help you improve your business.

Retail remains a tough landscape to compete in, but thanks to technologies like VoIP, the playing field is becoming more level. When a small specialized store can offer the same services as its much larger competitor (and save money at the same time) the benefits can be huge.

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