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Getting everyone on your team focused and heading in the right direction takes work. Sometimes, you might need a little help moving everyone towards the same goals. If this sounds like your business, creating processes for marketing, sales pipelines, workflow, etc. may be just the thing you need to ensure growth and time.  In a recent study by CSO Insights, a salesperson typically spends 25-30 percent of their time selling. Standard reporting and admin work make up the rest of their day. You can offset this practice by making sure processes are in place for your entire ecosystem.  Implementing a CRM system like Salesforce can also help move your team through specific steps in order to save time, increase growth, and add visibility into your business.

salesforce organizeToday’s CRM systems are more than just a contact list. With cloud technologies, it’s easy to have everyone working in the same CRM system and adhering to processes all in real-time. Once implemented, you can set-up workflows that include pipelines, that will walk your teams through next steps of each selling phase. You can even create handoffs from the sales team to implementation, service, etc. Plus, you can start the entire selling process directly from your website. Forms can easily be implemented into your website. Once a lead is generated, the information goes directly into the CRM system. From there, the system can automatically generate a drip campaign to help move clients along the selling process. Your sales team can engage during any step of the process that you wish.

For larger and more complex selling, stage gate processes can be set-up as pipelines. As your team moves potential customers from qualifying to product analysis and negotiation, management has real-time view on potential sales and estimates.  Even operations can gain insight on potential new projects.

However, visibility is just one key performance indicator. Even simple processes can be automated to help save time. Personalized form emails and follow-up tasks are just a few items. The more processes you automate; the more time your team has for generating additional leads—helping you grow the bottom line.

If you’re looking to streamline and optimize your business for growth initiatives, contact ActivePBX to get started. Our CRM expert can consult and implement a solution that is custom fit for your needs.

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