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Using Salesforce almost exclusively for your work? If so, you’re not alone. Over 171,000 people attended Dreamforce last year—a conference dedicated to Salesforce training and events. With so many companies now using Salesforce as their CRM solution, almost every job function is looped into the selling process.

If you’re one of the many users who use Salesforce, but not frequently enough to be a super user, don’t worry. These tips will cover some of your general questions, and hopefully get you up and running like a pro.

Setting Up an HTML Signature

Before you start this process, it’s best to know up front that you have the option to do plain text or a more complex HTML version of your signature. Either way you choose, it’s still pretty simple. Start by using these steps:

  • log into Salesforce
  • click on your name and select the settings option
  • select the email menu tab on the left and click on email settings
  • scroll down to the email signature section
  • from here you can enter your HTML code
  • click on save
  • before you send out an email to a contact, switch your email format to HTML

Standard Reports

If you’re tasked with sending out the same report each week to a set group of people, you can automate both functions. While most users know how to set-up a standard recurring report, many users don’t know that an automatic email of the report can be sent as well.

Remove Pennies from Your Currency

If your company only deals in whole dollars, go ahead and remove the cent placeholders within your currency setting. This will help your display and reports stay nice a clean.

Undo Your Delete

It happens, and sooner or later you will delete something that you wish you could get back. If this happens in Salesforce, you have up to 15 days to dig it back out of the recycling bin.

Speed up Your Export Files

If you have to export data on a regular basis, use a .csv file instead of a .xml file. This tip will speed up your export.

Integrate with a Phone System

Our ActiveCRM feature allows agents to easily add notes, disposition and even create reminders/tasks.

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