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There’s never been a better time to update your old legacy system to a hosted business phone service. A hosted phone service is an easier, more scalable, and cost-effective replacement for traditional phone systems that offers seamless communication between locations.

Small Business Phone Service Benefits

Thanks to its use of VoIP technology, a hosted business phone service is an extremely affordable choice for companies of all sizes. Some of the benefits for choosing a hosted service include:

  • An around-the-globe business number so customers and clients don’t have to wonder which number to call – there’s only one.
  • Vendor lock-in? A thing of the past.
  • Faxes can be sent over the Internet.
  • You’ll realize significant savings compared to traditional PBX systems, as there are no high-priced long distance calls.
  • No more on-site hardware to repair or manage.

Feature Rich

Hosted phone systems include all the features you’re used to, like call waiting, conference calling and caller ID, but it doesn’t stop there. A hosted business phone service also offers auto-attendant, find me/follow me, call screening, calling groups, and voicemail to email capability. Changes to your system are easily made through a web portal and, while your business may have offices in different locations, a hosted service works as if everyone is together in one place.

Nothing Beats Reliability

Hosted phone services are extremely reliable, which means your business has less down time due to system failure and repairs. In fact, many hosted systems are capable of connecting you to a working server while troubleshooting is done on your own active server. You also don’t require an IT expert on staff, as your provider will handle any problems from its location.

With all that a hosted solution offers, it no longer makes sense to stick with a traditional system. A hosted system will transform your business phone service into a state-of-the-art solution for staying in touch with colleagues and clients in a more efficient, affordable, and flexible manner. The easy scalability, numerous features and great reliability all add up to a business phone service that saves you both time and money.

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