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Integrating WordPress with SugarCRM: think of it like super-fueling your business. There’s no denying that WordPress is a great content management system for website creation and maintenance. However, running your company’s website on WordPress alone isn’t enough to meet your customers’ requirements. Customer needs vary, and staying engaged with them while also tracking leads will ensure business growth. How do you do that? With the help of CRM, or customer relationship management, software. That’s where SugarCRM can help.

Better Together: SugarCRM and WordPress

A CRM solution helps you learn more about your customers, their pain points, and needs. SugarCRM is a software that lets you capture leads generated from your WordPress site and store that information in the Sugar system. Once there, sales teams can leverage those generated leads to convert sales. The WordPress to SugarCRM integration feature also allows you to generate web lead forms on your website and integrate them with the Sugar lead module.

Better Support Management

Integrating SugarCRM with your WordPress site, simplifies communication with your customers, providing a platform for highly-personalized interactions that engage and transform each client’s experience. It offers a full range of core benefits:

  • You can capture client information and analyze the data to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction. And sales teams can add contacts into the system, generating automatic inclusion in marketing programs.
  • Solutions are highly customizable and scalable, meaning they can be extended as your business grows.
  • Your work and database are automatically synced across both platforms, making it easy to view customer activity across all departments. It also eliminates data duplication and inconsistencies.
  • Easy management of customer profiles.
  • Reduced time and effort customer communication.
  • Improved customer loyalty.

All businesses need their websites to help them capture new leads. WordPress and SugarCRM together allow users to create web-to-lead forms with greater ease inside the WordPress Admin panel. The plugin is a simple yet advanced solution for your business needs. Converting website visitors into business leads has never been easier.

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