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Your CRM should be as powerful and flexible as your business demands, but off-the-shelf CRM systems don’t always address complex or specific needs. SugarCRM customization and Salesforce CRM development tools help you design the efficient CRM system that’s right for your business. Whether you need to customize your CRM system to include custom forms or develop it to integrate data, SugarCRM and Salesforce have the solutions you need.

SugarCRM Customization

When you make the switch to CRM software, you must take into consideration the practices you already have in place. It’s what your employees are used to, and sudden is often met with vigorous resistance. Any delay in putting your CRM to work is a drain on your human and financial resources. You can configure and tweak SugarCRM in any number of ways:

  • Integrate with WordPress to simplify customer communications.
  • Create custom workflows and schedules.
  • Integrate with third-party applications and portals.
  • Create custom dashboards and reports.

Customizing SugarCRM helps you meet your business objectives and avoid implementation delays or setbacks.

Salesforce CRM Development

Salesforce is a complex application that can be configured to do practically anything you need to keep business operations running at peak performance. A developer can tailor Salesforce CRM for your business in any number of ways:

  • Customize the Salesforce environment, so it works with your current practices.
  • Integrate specialized apps, such as loyalty apps, marketing campaign apps, and the Internet of Things apps.
  • Automate workflows to improve consistency and reduce service delivery costs.
  • Create an integrated, end-to-end business solution on the Salesforce platform.

Why You Need Customization

When you make the move to a CRM, you can either adapt your business processes to fit it or customize the software to fit your business processes. Customization lets you keep your competitive edge, especially if you have a unique business model. And a custom-built CRM provides the workflow your employees are already familiar with, which means less disruption during implementation. In the end, customization gives you a powerful business-building tool that takes your customer relationship management to the next level – meaning more sales and better service delivery.

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