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Today, ActivePBX is proud to announce we have been chosen by Sunbelt Radiators to become their new cloud-based business phone system company. It marks the beginning of what we hope to be a long and fruitful relationship with a company that gives us a great opportunity to showcase our strengths.

A Top Player in the  Automotive Parts Industry

Sunbelt Radiators is an industry leading aftermarket automotive cooling parts importer & distributor. Sunbelt offers its customers excellent parts for foreign and domestic cars, medium duty trucks, heavy duty trucks, and industrial vehicles. Sunbelt has 3 locations servicing North America, The Caribbean, Central and South America.


Seeking a Better Solution

Prior to switching to ActivePBX, Sunbelt was running into various issues with their existing carrier. The IT consultants and decision makers at Sunbelt wanted a solution that would make everyone’s lives easier. Together, the two parties reached out to ActivePBX to create a customized solution for their business communications needs.

“Sunbelt Radiators was a perfect example of how ActivePBX can cater to a nationwide organization by custom tailoring a fully cloud-based PBX solution that increased their call center productivity while dramatically reducing their telecommunications costs.” – ActivePBX CEO Alex Gonzalez


Lowering Costs While Increasing Reliability

hialeah_whsSunbelt Radiators had separate phone systems for each of their locations. This scenario presented many challenges and made even simple tasks difficult like transferring and routing calls. ActivePBX created a way to truly connect all of Sunbelt’s employees on the cloud, no matter how far away they were from each other. Now the Sunbelt call center and distribution centers across 3 locations are on one reliable platform. 


Features That Increase Productivity

Features such as dynamic call routing and ACD call queues ensure that Sunbelt customers can reach the right departments and receive the assistance they need. Users have the ability to manage their own settings, without the need to request support from their IT consulting firm. Choosing ActivePBX also took a large load off of their shoulders. Now, Sunbelt employees and administrators can reach out to ActivePBX’s support staff for assistance on any issue or question regarding their phones. Between their account managers and the support team, ActivePBX has a way to ensure they are responsive to all of Sunbelt’s needs and issues in a timely manner. 

“This was by far the smoothest telecom implementation we’ve ever had.” – Manny Bick, VP of Sunbelt Radiators



Scalability is another factor that now becomes simple and painless for Sunbelt. Now that they have ActivePBX, setting up a new Sunbelt location is easy. In the past, Sunbelt has had to deal with antiquated methods when trying to set up communications at new locations. With ActivePBX, they can get a new location up and running on their own in less than a week.  

With just an existing high speed internet connection, ActivePBX customers can essentially have all of their business communications needs met. As Sunbelt continues to use ActivePBX they’ll find new features and functions that help improve their productivity every day.
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