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We are excited to announce that ActivePBX is now part of the T3 Communications, Inc. (“T3”) and Nexogy, Inc. (“Nexogy”) family of telecommunication service providers.  Joining this family of companies will provide ActivePBX access to greater resources and an expanded team of seasoned employees with extensive telecommunication experience.

More Resources. More Benefits for You.

The decision to merge with T3 and Nexogy was based on our continuing promise to bring you the very best in communication technology and service. Some of the key benefits you can expect include:

  • An expanded customer support team with extensive experience on the technology stack used by ActivePBX.
  • An expanded portfolio of products that in addition to ActivePBX’s core cloud communication solution will include cloud WAN, fiber and wireless broadband, SIP trunking, and 4G mobile services for business continuity.
  • Additional technical and engineering expertise to ensure quality and reliability across all layers of our network and continued development on integration with third-party software as required by our customers.
  • An account management team dedicated to serving as a “concierge” for our customers. 

New Enhancements. Same Personalized Service.

One of the best aspects of this new merger is that there will be zero impact to your current ActivePBX service.

  • Your account is still serviced by qualified ActivePBX staff
  • No interruptions of service
  • No fee changes under your existing contract
  • No changes to current plan pricing, features, phone numbers, and Terms and Conditions of Service

The only difference you’ll notice for now is the inclusion of T3/Nexogy on upcoming billing statements – beginning in January 2021.  That invoice statement will also reference some of the highlights in this email and will provide expanded information regarding the merger.

Who Are T3 and Nexogy?

T3, based in Fort Myers, Florida, currently serves business customers throughout the U.S. with an emphasis on Florida and Texas markets, while Nexogy, based in Miami, Florida, serves business customers in Florida and throughout the U.S. To learn more about T3 or Nexogy, click their logos above.

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