• The most important things in business is the customer service, and you guys are putting a great effort to accomplish it.

    Jose Saiz Netstair
    1. Meticulously tracked partner fees paid out timely.
    2. Personalized tech support with comprehensive project management.
    3. Reciprocal referral programs that generate more profitable relationships for everyone.
    4. Top tier quality of product - reliable and dependable services.

    Joe Steen Empower IT Group / Partner
  • As an IT provider, I've worked with these guys on numerous occasions. Support and service are top notch. They've been very responsive to my clients and I like that their platform continues to evolve.

    Kevin V Michael Invizio
  • Wondering why I didn’t switch to VoIP sooner… ActivePBX handles the phone system for my software business. Forget using cell phones when all your remote workers (in my case software developers) can use the system from their home offices. This allows me to setup teleconferences for remote meetings among other cool features. I wouldn’t even know how to set all this up without the help of their support team. If you’re moving to VoIP, give ActivePBX a call and they will help you transition from the old phone system in your closet to the new way of doing business.

    Joe Santilli
  • As a starting small business it has been very important to get past year one on a balanced budget. The guys at ActivePBX were very helpful and thoughtful with my position and goals including: 1) Quality HD phone service 2) Remote setup for travel 3) Voice-mail services to email Thanks for the help!

    Daniel Cuervo
  • Outstanding service! We recently made the switch and could not be happier with it. The price is affordable and the features are robust. Highly recommend it.

    Erik Calvino Cigar Snob Magazine
  • Very happy with the quality of the product, the price and the customer service!

    eména spa Owner
  • I’ve been using ActivePBX now for about 5 years for my transportation company. The system lets me handle dispatch effectively by allowing me to communicate with all my drivers and vice versa. I normally don’t write reviews, but every time I need to make any changes to my phone system I’m able to talk to a live rep who does what I need immediately. I highly recommend ActivePBX to anyone who wants a worry-free phone system that does exactly what is promised.

    David T
  • Sales person was very nice, and explained all charges and functions in detail. NOT PUSHY AT ALL. I am still getting email and calls from other sales company's!! We went with the smallest package with Cisco Phones, Voice mail and a toll free number. Very Happy with the service. I am also happy with technical support. I would highly recommend them, and i will be purchasing more in the future.

    Jeremy Allen
  • The team over at ActivePBX are truly exceptional at what they do. I have had the pleasure to work with them on multiple projects and their consistency is something rarely found in the industry anymore. With the combination of technical expertise and business sense, ActivePBX is a formidable competitor in the Hosted Voice and Business Continuity arena. is wonderful to work with, and has unique expertise in Hosted Voice. With a "get the job done" attitude and a team that you can rely on for your business to stay connected, ActivePBX should be your first choice when making a decision for a Hosted Solution for your business. ActivePBX is certainly going places.

    David Simbaco
  • Using ActivePBX at my real estate office for about a year now and we’re much happier in comparison to our old phone system. What really stands out about these guys is that we are constantly making changes and they are always readily available to help out. With my old phone provider, I had to make a service ticket and wait for an IT guy to show up. To make matters worse we would have to pay for this service!! The ActivePBX support team is priceless. Highly recommended!

    Ginnette MiamiGG
  • Our company company switched over from Cbeyond telecommunications over to Active PBX and we have not looked back since. Not only did we save a substantial amount of money on our fees, but we feel we are a valued client at PBX and not just number.

    Christopher Pazos
  • I am very happy with Active PBX! it was a seamless transition and I'm definitely paying a lot less for alot more features! Out with the old in with the new!

    Johanna Eckardt
  • Amazing support team. There are no issue they can't resolve quickly and even go out of their way to satisfy and help their clients. Great company.

    Andréane Champagne
  • AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! They were helpful, and very knowledgable. It is a very smooth experience having them help me with my phone service

    Aj Billapando
  • I've worked with Alex Gonzalez and ActivePBX for over 5 years and I can honestly say I've not met a more agile and solutions oriented service provider in my career. Alex has partnered with other outstanding service providers in order to deliver us the best and most feature rich solution available. I can't recommend Alex and ActivePBX highly enough.

    Tanya Miller HootSuite Media Inc. / Director Information Technology
  • If I were to pick two words that describe ActivePBX, I would choose Reliable and Affordable. If that's what you are looking for in a business VoIP provider, look no further and choose ActivePBX

    Editors at TheDigest.com
  • On average we estimate to have saved $400.00 in plan costs per month as well as a lower amount in long distance and overseas calling costs…

    Jan Havmoeller Kompani Group
  • ActivePBX allowed us to integrate all of our used car dealerships while saving us thousands every month…

    Joe Gonzalez A CAR 4-U
  • ActivePBX had our corporate office and my home office up and running in a jiffy! We got the phones – plugged them into our network and we were up and running!

    Daniel Rodriguez Animusoft