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The VoIp service industry continues to grow and expand. There are new companies, new customers, and new technologies. The growth has lead to new interest from larger corporations in becoming involved. Large tech companies are working together with VoIP software/hardware firms to create new products that make choosing VoIP a no brainer. If you’re a business owner still debating whether or not to switch over your company’s communications to VoIP, a new product from Grandstream may be the deciding factor.

grandstream GXV3275Grandstream has been around since 2002 and they’ve become the leading manufacturer of IP voice/video telephony and video surveillance solutions. They serve the small-to-medium business and consumer markets. Their latest product, dubbed the GXV3275, might be the best thing the VoIP industry has seen yet. The Grandstream GXV3275  is one of the first phones integrated with Android technology. Check out some of the many features the GXV brings to the table:

  • Runs the Android™ Operating System 4.2 and offers full access to the Google Play Store – which includes thousands of business productivity apps such as Skype, Microsoft Lync, Salesforce1, GoToMeeting
  • 6 lines with up to 6 SIP accounts including FREE IPVideoTalk account with video mail, up to 6-way audio conference and 3-way video conference, phonebook with up to 1000 contacts, call history with up to 1000 records
  • 7″ (1024×600) capacitive (5 points) touch screen TFT LCD, mega pixel CMOS sensor camera with privacy shutter
  • Bluetooth capability, a built-in web browser, and integrated WiFi.
  • HDMI output, usb ports and an sd card port.

“The phone is truly an all-in-one VoIP device.”

While other devices may have similar capabilities on the phone and video conferencing levels, it is the Android aspect that truly sets the GXV apart.  Using this operating system means full access to the many Android apps in the Google Play Store™, including popular productivity and business apps. For many businesses, having access to these apps at every workstation is unprecedented. It unlocks powerful tools for productivity available through the Google Play store such as Salesforce1, Microsoft Lync, GotoMeeting, and more.  Access to the store also means options when it comes to video conferencing on the phone’s 7 inch touchscreen. The GXV comes with one video conference platform built in, but also gives users the ability to download and use other platforms such as Skype. This versatility can prove beneficial when it comes to being able to communicate with customers that use these different platforms.

“The introduction of the GXV3275 may very well represent a turning point that revolutionizes the VoIP industry.”

It is more than likely that more phones will soon release with integrated Android technologies that appeal to all sorts of businesses. Entire industries can benefit from phones similar to the GXV in various ways. Much like different people download and use different apps on their smartphones, this trend will now carry on to the world of business. The Android technology allows companies from industries like hospitality, healthcare, and more to see VoIP service in a brand new light. Not only can they use the many apps already available from Android, but they can actually create custom apps for their business. This has the potential to make an entire business more productive and interconnected. Hotels and hospitals can create their own custom apps that simplify and organize their internal communications. VoIP has already become more than a less expensive alternative to traditional business communication system through the many features that come attached. Now it looks to open a whole new door for businesses.

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