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Welcome to a new ongoing series of posts called “This Week in Tech”. The idea of this series is to bring you some of the most interesting stories from around the technology world each Friday. Stories will include feature articles on news from the tech industry. The series will also highlight cool new inventions, apps, and startups we discover each week. We hope bringing this series to you each Friday will help keep you informed while also giving you some more lighthearted reads for the end of your work week.

1.Apple is reportedly planning to release its long-rumored, super-sized iPad on September 9. The iPad Pro, along with a new iPad Mini, are expected to hit shelves in November.


2. A San Francisco judge has ruled that the jobs of Uber drivers in California are similar enough that workers can sue the company as a class. If the lawsuit prevails, many of California’s 160,000 current and former Uber drivers could be reclassified as employees rather than independent contractors.


3. Amazon is going to start letting Prime users download movies and TV shows on their smartphone or tablet for offline viewing. It’s a streaming perk Netflix has said it would never allow.


4. Motorola is going to announce the new Moto 360 smartwatch a day before Apple’s big event. The announcement is set for September 8.


5.  Google has a brand new logo. Its “flat” sans-serif look fits with the material design aesthetic that Google launched with Android Lollipop in 2014.

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