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Technology is constantly progressing. We’ve seen it come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. From smart phones to laptops, technology is at the center of much of modern life and culture. The last time there was a decade full of innovations and new products like we’ve had recently was the 80’s. They were huge in terms of consumer electronics and innovation, as many early versions of important technologies were released then.  Some of the early breakthroughs can spark a wave of nostalgia, while others are not missed; they can’t compare to what we have today. So in honor of throwback Thursday, we put together a list of technology breakthroughs that had society in awe back then and their modern day counterparts.

Atari’s Touch Tablet debuted in 1984. Retailing for around $89, the software would allow users to draw shapes and lines. Today, the iPad Air 2 starts around $500 and can be customized with hundreds of different apps.



The DeLorean DMC-12, which has gull-wing doors and an innovative stainless steel body, became a symbol for futuristic transportation after being turned into a time machine in “Back to the Future.” Today’s Tesla Model S is a fully electric luxury sedan and, for many, a symbol of the future of electric cars.



 In the ’80s, Puma’s RS Computer Shoes used a set of microprocessors and an inertia switch that could track runners’ speed and distance. Today, there are a bunch of different fitness trackers you can use to monitor your exercise. The Jawbone Up24, for example, can track your steps, calories, and hours of sleep.


Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, people used floppy disks to save information and install programs. Today people back their data up to the cloud.


A Polaroid camera was a fun party accessory, allowing you to print photos of you and your friends right away. The modern day equivalent is Instagram, an app that lets users snap and edit photos, and share them instantly with friends all over.



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