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Online Video Meetings and Collaboration

With today’s gadget-centric technology landscape, many have lost the personal touch of face-to-face interaction with prospects, clients, and colleagues. ActiveConference® leverages innovative online video and collaboration technology to allow for highly interactive group meetings whether you are sitting side-by-side or dispersed across the globe. 

  • ActivePBX ActiveConference Unification HD Video

Real-time video brings life to your meetings by giving you a more personable experience even when you and your guests cannot physically be at the same location. With online collaboration such as screen sharing, remote control, shared whiteboards, and chat, all of your attendees can easily view or contribute making all of your meetings extremely productive. 

HD Video Calls

A select range of our phones come with HD video conferencing capability, allowing for remote employees to easily communicate face-to-face with those back at the officeHD video calls are also supported on the ActiveDial® Desktop Softphone and available soon on ActiveDial® Mobile.

Unified Inbox

ActivePBX® will simplify your life by bringing important messages like voicemails and faxes right to your e-mail Inbox. There’s no longer a need to dial your voicemail system from a physical phone to check voicemails as they will be conveniently delivered to your e-mail as a playable sound bite – always accessible right from your desktop, laptop or smartphone. Need to get faxes on the go? You’ll also receive your faxes as PDF attachments so you’ll never have to take a walk to your fax machine again. 

Business SMS Texting through Email

ActivePBX’s business SMS texting feature, allows your users to text-to-email and email-to-text. Opening your employees for even more channels of communication with your prospects and clients. Email as text communications are as fast as cellular based SMS messages, and allows your team to act upon messages received as emails, in a more efficient way than traditional text messages. SMS integration with your company employees’ email routine is a game changer.

Voicemail Transcription

As if we didn’t make things easy enough with our unified inbox features, we’ve added a very convenient enhancement called voicemail transcription. Have you ever missed a call in a busy airport and it’s too noisy to listen to the voicemail message? Problem solved as ActivePBX® will intelligently transcribe the voicemail messages sent to your e-mail so you can quickly read the contents in case it requires a critical response from you before you jump on that plane. 

Paperless Internet Fax

While faxing still remains the standard for document transmission in many businesses and organizations, accessibility and convenience has become somewhat of a burden. With widespread Internet access and cloud-based platforms like ActivePBX®, faxing has been streamlined as a “paperless” solution allowing you to send and receive faxes from anywhere. Our paperless Internet fax solution allows you to send a document to a fax recipient by simply attaching it to the properly addressed e-mail message. Inbound faxes conveniently come in as PDF attachments to your unified inbox and you can always print them out when you need a hard copy.