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Sales are the lifeblood of any business. If you want to consistently target quality leads, meet financial goals, and quantify your marketing efforts, you need to streamline your sales process. Enter ever-evolving technology, which has changed businesses for the better by making sales techniques and the sales process itself more efficient – and rewarding. From prospect to the close, today’s mobile, big data, and cloud technologies are being used to drive competition, productivity, and profitability. One way to revamp and streamline your sales process is by using a Salesforce CTI Screen Pop plugin like ActiveCRM.

Third Party Salesforce CTI Screen Pops

Salesforce frees up sales team members to focus on those tasks that generate more sales and revenue. Armed with real-time information, staff can take action and make adjustments quickly to optimize the entire sales process. Salesforce’s ability to tie into 3rd party screen pop functionality allows employees to see the most relevant records based on pre-determined specifications. The system’s default settings are configured to search all phone number fields in your database, with screen pops appearing based on what it finds:

  • No Match prompts a Salesforce new contact screen to be filled out.
  • A Single Match pops the contact or any other associated record.
  • Multiple Matches pop a list of matching records.
  • Follow Ups easily create tasks
  • Notes make sure your team knows what was said.
  • Disposition Helps the company know what is working.

It’s easy to see how using screen pops to navigate leads or contacts can save your sales team time – which saves you money and increase productivity. In other words, the more you know, the more you can do. Streamlining any of these processes eliminates distractions and errors, and puts your organization on the right course to creating an active and engaged customer base. It also helps your sales team identify the best clients for your business.

What’s in Store

Fine tuning your sales process and adopting new sales technology is critical for continued business success. Technology will continue to transform the sales world. Going forward, you’ll need to use its powerful tools and systems to streamline your own sales process. It’s the surest way to remain profitable in a competitive marketplace.


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