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Welcome to a new ongoing series of posts called “This Week in Tech”. The idea of this series is to bring you some of the most interesting stories from around the technology world each Friday. Stories will include feature articles on news from the tech industry. The series will also highlight cool new inventions, apps, and startups we discover each week. We hope bringing this series to you each Friday will help keep you informed while also giving you some more lighthearted reads for the end of your work week.

1. Elon Musk Says He’s Going To Build A 5-Mile Hyperloop Test Track – Musk announced a new step for his Hyperloop concept, the ultra-high-speed shuttle system that could theoretically transport people from San Francisco to Los Angeles in about a half-hour.


2. Google’s modular Project Ara smartphones are coming to Puerto Rico – Google is closer than ever to making modular smartphones a reality. They’re ready to test them in Puerto Rico.


3. Facebook introduces new product that allows companies to create their own customized version of Facebook – The product is called Facebook at Work and it has begun rolling out in select offices across the world


4. Richard Branson is Creating the world’s largest ever satellite constellation – Branson’s company Virgin is creating a new constellation of satellites to make high speed internet and telephony available to billions of people who don’t currently have access.

5. First version of Google Glass discontinued – Google will no longer sell its current version of Google Glass through its Glass Explorer program after Jan. 19. Furthermore, Glass is moving out of the Google X research lab and into a standalone unit.

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