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In today’s hyper competitive business environment, cost cutting has become a matter of survival for many businesses. Not only is watching the bottom line more important than ever, customers are used to a much higher level of service and responsiveness from the companies they choose to do business with.

Which leads to the question, how can a business reduce overhead and improve customer service at the same time?

The answer is simple—switch to a hosted VoIP business telephone system and use it wirelessly.

What is Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP systems are becoming more and more popular with all types of businesses, thanks to the huge array of services and features and the reduction in cost they bring to business owners.

Hosted VoIP systems means no telephone infrastructure, low outlay of capital for new telephones and no IT staff to install and manage the system. These systems are less expensive, reliable and allow today’s business to offer services once reserved for only the largest of companies.

Below is a partial list of features available in today’s VoIP systems:

  • Dynamic Caller ID (Control your outbound caller ID)
  • Emergency Assistance (911)
  • Follow Me (Calls can be forwarded to multiple numbers and will ring in sequence)
  • Local Number Portability (Keep your phone numbers from other carriers)
  • Multiple Devices on One Extension
  • Music on Hold
  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Simultaneous Ring (ring multiple devices at the same time)
  • Unified Inbox (voice, fax, and email from a single inbox)
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Online Backup and Storage
  • Work from Anywhere (one phone number to any device or location)
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Receive voicemail as an audio file attachment
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Block
  • Cell Phone Integration (Forward calls to cell phones)
  • Click to Call Me
  • Click To Dial
  • Directory Assistance (411)*
  • Do Not Disturb

Hands Free = Freedom

By adding wireless handsets and headsets, business owners can free up employees that were once tied to their desks and allow them the flexibility to stay connected, while providing higher levels of customer service than ever before. Wireless VoIP systems allow employees to go where they are needed, whether it’s a large warehouse or a retail floor.

Modern IP phones can also allow the user to talk hands free thanks to Bluetooth© and DECT technology headsets. A manager can be on a three way conference call with a supplier in China, a customer in California, all while climbing a ladder in the stockroom.

Flexibility in Motion

The most important benefit of a hands-free VoIP system is the flexibility it brings to any business and flexibility is what distinguishes the modern competitive company in today’s fast paced world.

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